Interestinng Things I've Noticed About India

Things you see in traffic in India
Things you see in traffic in India

It is called “Incredible India” for a reason. Every day I learn something new about this place, or see something fascinating. Sometimes it’s entertaining, other times disturbing, but it always interesting!

Hindi Language

1.  The Hindi language is beautiful and much easier to learn to speak than it is to read and write.  There are many English words that don’t have a corresponding Hindi word, so they often mix the two languages.  For example, the phrase “Good idea” is “Acha idea hay” in Hindi.


2. Healthcare is ridiculously cheap over here. I was having some abdomen pains so they did an ultra sound of all my organs. The total cost was $35 USD!  And they sent me out the door with the physical X Ray films.

Human Resources

3.  It is standard practice to give 2 to 3 months notice when leaving a current employer, and often they will buy them back.  It makes hiring over here a real challenge.

Unmarried Couples

4. Unmarried Indian couples often have a difficult time renting a room in a hotel or resort due to the conservative beliefs of society. Sometimes they are even harassed or harmed for trying. Rarely do people live together before marriage.

A Malanese boy
A Malanese boy

Health Warnings

5. When there is someone drinking or smoking on TV a big warning message scrolls across the middle of the screen that says “Smoking or drinking is ingerious to your health.”

Public Urination

6.  Public urination by men is normal and see you see it everywhere all day long. They don’t even try to be discreet. In their defense though,  there are very few public restrooms.

The Head Bobble

7.  Indians do this thing with their head to show they are listening that I call the bobble head. It is a combination of a head nod and shake. They often mean it in as agreement, but it is best to clarify. I find it very confusing.

The Food

8.  Indian food is delicious, but they eat very few fresh fruits and vegetables here.  Most of their food is very heavy on carbs and spices and mostly deep fried.


Health Warnings

9. When you watch TV and someone is drinking or smoking, an annoying warning scrolls across the middle of the screen that reads “Cigarettes Kill” or “Drinking is Injurious to Your Health.”

Toilet Habits

10. Indians don’t typically use toilet paper. Instead there are shower nozzles next to the toilet or a tap with a bucket for cleaning thyself with water. The majority of toilets are squat style, not something you sit on.

Child stuffed down into scooter
Child stuffed down into scooter

Safety Laws

12.  There are no seat belt laws and very few safety laws.  Consequently little babies are held in the hands of their mothers on the back of motorcycles, or squished in wherever they will fit.

I think this is enough for now. I’m sure I’ll post this type of thing on occasion as I learn more and more about their culture. One thing is for sure. India will always leave a lasting impression on me. It is always interesting and now other paces I visit seem boring.