Yes, indeed: Unless you live under a rock, you have definitely heard a lot about Iran in the media. Unfortunately, all of it is true – Iran is indeed a horrific place, even if you’re traveling.

For those, however, who are STILL less convinced, here are 19 very big reasons why you’re better-off avoiding Iran.

#1. There is absolutely nothing special about the capital city.

iran1For instance, this Tehran skyline is mediocre at best.

#2. People actually live in mud shacks. Literally.

iran2Pretty sure the Tabtabei house in Kashan would be your ideal place to stay…

#3. The Villages are Terrible.

iran3Yes, the above picture of the border-area Palangan Village may look interesting, but it’s only because of the lightning, and not the almost vertical positioning of houses.

#4.The architecture is not that artistic at all.

iran4So in case you wanted to visit Iran to see the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, think again.

#5. Boring!!


Really? Is this the BEST of Shiraz?

#6. Iranian women are downright oppressed.


Look at her. It looks like she needs saving.

#7. Iranians aren’t exactly the crowd you would want to hang out with.

These look like the most boring party-goers on the planet.

#8. There is nothing even remotely palatable about the cuisine.

iran8Really? Is that the best of Iranian food?

#9. Iran has no ancient history.

iran9What’s a country without its unique and interesting past?

#10. If you’re a tourist looking to discover history and culture, Iran is not the place for you.

iran10The local museum is WAY better than these 2500-year-old sculptures.

#11. Iranians have little to no taste for art and culture.

iran11Rothko, Munch, Warhol, Hockney, or any Museum of Contemporary Art have basically no place in Iran.

#12. There is nothing about the mosques that even comes close to intricate and mesmerizing.

This is the Seyyed Mosque in Isfahan. And it looks like a child has designed and painted it.

#13. No white ceilings!!

iran13This is the ceiling of the Chehel Sotoun Palace in Isfahan. Totally overrated.

#14. The countryside is unbelievably unimaginative and boring.

iran14Seeing this kind of scenario in the mountain area in the Kurdistan region is not exemplary and magical at all.

#15. Iranian wildlife does not extend beyond pests.

iran15Iran doesn’t really have “Persian” Cheetahs; it is simply a misnomer.

16#. Iran is nothing more than a big, dusty and empty desert.

iran16All perfect ingredients for a super-boring and endlessly long road trip.

17#. The chief means of MODERN transport for the Iranians are…..Camels.

iran17Yes, you heard that right. Forget the car. It’s time to travel by camel.

18#. Being a vast expanse of nothing-but-desert, it’s very obvious that Iran has no snow, or ski resorts, for that matter.

iran18Don’t get swayed by the Dizin ski resort. It is nothing but tumbleweed and the occasional shepherd.

19#. Enough said. Iran is a terribly uninspiring place. Better not visit it. EVER.