1Beach-lovers are not high maintenance.

Those who love the beach are characteristically people who enjoy the simpler side of life – a picturesque view, the feeling of sun on their skin, a nice, refreshing swim, and an enjoyable evening with family and friends is more than enough to make them happy. And since they get happy so easily, it is only obvious that those near them would also be happy.

2They are basically adventure-junkies.

No, beach lovers are not the guys who LOVE to lie on their bed at home and watch the latest movie on TV every night. They believe that life should be filled with fun and activity, and tend to go out in pursuit of outdoor activities to support their beliefs.

3That doesn’t mean that they don’t know how to relax.


Now that is pretty obvious, given that the larger part of spending time on the beach involves nothing but enjoying the warmth of the sun while laying on the sand. Those who love the beach know very well that the true meaning of leisure is to relax in a nice place outdoors where you can actually realize how blessed you really are.

5Budget is never an issue for them.

Why should it be? After all the beach is free!


They know the art of keeping office and leisure separate.

A beach lover is the one person who doesn’t mind being away from technology for a couple of hours, given the fact that the glitzy screen won’t really work well in all that sun, and has to stay tucked in in your bag. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is a far more contented and by extension, happier person.

7They seldom get annoyed.

Normal day-to-day unpleasantries, such as sand creeping into bathing bottoms don’t really bother the beach-lover since they are well-aware that a little bit of mess can hardly affect their level of happiness. They know that a little bit of uncomfortableness is just “part of the package”.

8They are grateful for small things.

A beach is basically a vast expanse of beauty and natural goodness – nothing fancy about it. So, it’s pretty obvious that the people who spend their lives in such places are thankful to just sit in a pretty place and be grateful for everything they do have, rather than musing over what they don’t.