Behold, the Ultimate Beach Mat

Which Chills Your Drinks and Charges Your Phone


While the sweltering summer heat may have subsided in the north of the equator, this student from Lebanon is helping keep the other side cool through his…..beach mat.

Doesn’t sound unique enough?

Well, this beach mat can help you relax – while it charges your phone and chills your beverages.


Yes, you read that right. The Beachill Waterproof Mattress, which has an in-built thermal refrigerator and is powered by a 5 Watt Solar Battery Panel, does all of this WHILE being absolutely eco-friendly. It also comes with a pocket that gives space for storing things and is light enough to be carried from one place to another easily.

Lebanese student Antoine Sayah initially started the product as a university project which required that students create a product that was useful and had a positive impact on the environment.


“While the beach is absolutely lovely, there are some very common problems that we all face. For instance, the phone always runs out of battery, the water and beverages get warm and it eventually becomes impossible to relax as the mattress becomes uncomfortable and causes back troubles” said the 23-year-old student, who already has an Italian degree in product design,and is now pursuing one in architecture at Saint-Espirit de Kaslik University in Lebanon, which is where he developed the product.

And what a hit the product was!! Within two weeks of being posted on Instagram, a whopping sixty prototypes of the product sold out at $150 a mat and garnered considerable attention from all across the world.

“It’s amazing how I got calls from all over the world – from America, Canada, Argentina, to Europe, Australia, and even places as far away as Congo,” said Sayah. “When I was developing the product, I had no idea that its popularity would ever go beyond Lebanon.”

Although Sayah along with his very dedicated team are working round-the-clock to meet the unprecedented demand, so far they can manufacture a maximum of 10 Beachill Mattresses in a day. That said, the young inventor has also been looking out for potential investors who can help expand the production to fulfill both global as well as local demands.


Meanwhile, it seems that the Beachill too has undergone quite the makeover. Just recently, Sayah and his team announced a bigger model which has a 7-watt solar-powered charger and can be customized into a bed or a sofa.