So you thought you’re a smart traveler who knows all? You might reconsider your pride after reading what anonymous airline and airport staff disclosed on Reddit. Some disclosed secrets are unpleasant. But don’t worry, you’re not being hurt but it’s worth knowing, so just read on curiously with a calm heart.

Did you know that it’s useless to lock your zippered suitcases with a lock? Well, according to one of the airport staff, you might not need to bother locking your suitcase. And no, they won’t steal from you but this may be something to benefit you in case your suitcase has no tag and needs to be identified. The Reddit user claimed that he can just pop the bag’s zipper open to find out the owner and then drag its zip handler around the bag to close it. Genius? That’s not all…

Almost all zippers on baggage can be unlocked

Remember that on flights you’re given items like headphones? And you think they’re brand new? Sorry if you think so! One anonymous staff disclosed that the headphones are simply cleaned and wrapped up again after use by other passengers. So you might need to bring your own headphones in case you’re hypersensitive. Shocked? Continue reading…

Next time you forget to remove an old flight luggage tag and then lose the bag, just blame yourself. Airport workers will get confused by reading the old tag and then reroute your bag/misplace it to another airline and hence getting lost! So remember to remove those old flight tags for your own convenience. Right?

Sometimes we might never be unkind to flight attendants because of reasons A, B, C… but seriously speaking, you will get a nicer gesture from them, a kind of surprise. Just be nice to them, and in case you need an addition to your meal, speak politely to him or her, and you’ll be surprised by what he/she brings you from the first class! Or your neighbour is bringing you discomfort, just speak to the attendant and you never know, you might conquer a seat in the business class…

Just be polite to airplane attendants and you'll be treated well too.
Just be polite to airplane attendants and they’ll pay back handsomely

Another anonymous airport weight handler disclosed that if you are nicer to the luggage ticket agent, you might be allowed to go through with your overweight bag. Now this is splendid, isn’t it? Just be humble next time and you might get away with your overweight bag without even paying an extra cost. How humility can do things!

Did you know that the best time to buy a ticket is on Tuesday afternoon? Like seriously? Yeah, according to one airline revenue manager, air tickets cost less on Tuesday afternoon and still, it’s cheaper to fly either on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. So rearrange your travel plans.

Are you a coffee addict? From now on, you may need to reconsider taking coffee on flights again! One frustrated station agent who once did the washing for AA dishes never bothered washing coffee cups, and so neither all the others! Why? It could be something to do with little payment and the lack of proper provisions to wash them. So they just rinse the coffee cups with water and then refill with more coffee! Well, that’s quite sickening…

Did you know that writing your pet’s name on an airline’s carrier can be so helpful? Yes, it is because bag room agents always encounter scared animals even before they get onto a plane. So to calm them down, they simply talk to them in a cool way and if they can find its name, it would be more helpful in ensuring your dog has a pleasant flight!