Many passengers are frustrated when they’re told at the airport that their baggage is overweight and they either have to pay the extra baggage fees (which sometimes amount to hundreds of dollars) or leave some items behind. Amid these scenarios, one quick-thinking former flight attendant with Continental Airlines Gary German came in to exploit from the mix-up by offering to pay for passengers’ extra checked baggage fees in return for turning their bags into ‘rolling’ mobile billboards. But this has proved to be a successful trick.

The Orion Travel Tech will strike a deal with you when you want to carry extra baggage that is more than the required weight. They’ll cover your baggage fees but you will be given some corporate branded bags/suitcases bearing words or logos which you’ll have to carry around wherever you go.

Orion Mobile Luggage Billboard at Orlando Airport (PRNewsFoto/Orion Travel Technologies, Inc.)
Orion Mobile Luggage Billboard at Orlando Airport (PRNewsFoto/Orion Travel Technologies, Inc.)

As a participant, you’ll choose your favorite bag style and then get two hard cases, one a carry-on and the other is the bigger checked baggage. All bags come draped with a specific company branding which you can also select on your own from the 12 available graphic designs. German says that he has already secured about 10 advertisers and this means that he will need to recruit about five million travelers to sign up for this opportunity. He added that they are mostly targeting passengers flying to popular travel destinations, big cities and major events such as the UEFA EURO 2016, Rio Olympics and Gay Pride Parades.

Under this arrangement, the Orion will cover your round-trip baggage fees if you accept to carry around their $300 branded bags. You’ll also be given a rechargeable $50 gift card. The arrangement also gives you access to different airport lounges, an on-site tour guide, a GPS tracker attached to your bags and a luggage anti-tampering alert system which lets you know if someone has messed with your bag. Additionally, the company will also include some free gifts like towels, shampoos, soaps, etc. So, after all, this is an irresistible deal.

German came up with this brilliant idea when he observed that people can be inquisitive about branded bags. So he first experimented this to know how viable it can be. He narrated that during the first testing, around 30 people approached him concerning his branded bags while on several trips around the world. So by talking to them, he became a sales agent for the companies whose brands appeared on his bags. This way, he knew that this would really work and that’s how this idea was gradually realized into a full business.

He added that his experience in both marketing and airline industries inspired him to step in and tap into this business gap he spotted in the travel industry. He further said that the business isn’t at its best given the young stage where it is but also added that this will benefit every major player in the travel industry; the passenger, the high-end consumer, and the advertising company.

Given the fact that online ads aren’t during well due to internet users blocking them, it is a huge task for businesses to find new ways of reaching their audience and that this baggage advertising is a positive step in the right direction especially if the advertisers are travel businesses.