Pristine and clear blue waters, white sand beaches, quiet natural life and tropical climate are all that makes exotic islands our best destinations for a calm holiday vacationing. No matter how remote an island is, it can never be too far for a holiday maker who wants tranquility from the busy metropolis.

Once again, travelers have ranked their favorite exotic islands that they recommend others to seek out. Galapagos, a wild island located almost 1000kms from the western coast of South America took the number one spot for the third time since the best islands awards started, twenty years ago.

Read about the other ranked islands and at the end decide for yourself which one is within the reach of your budget. But you have our assurance that each of them uniquely offers a wonderful experience of teeming natural life, from the surrounding waters to the vegetation in the interior.

1. Galapagos Islands

The Iguana. It is one of the many native species on Galapagos
The Iguana. It is one of the many native species on Galapagos

Being almost 1000kms from the South American coast hasn’t deterred nature lovers from reach out to these famed islands found in Ecuadorian territorial waters. The archipelago is teeming with endemic ocean and land life that includes sea lions, flightless cormorants, seafaring lizards, Iguana, and the short-feathered penguins.

It’s not just wildlife but even its amazing geological features like the stunningly beautiful volcanic landscapes, the virgin beaches and tropical plants that abound in the interior. Famous points of interest include the Charles Darwin Research Station, Tortuga bay for beach and honeymoon, Floreana Islands to see the giant tortoises, and Fernandina Island to see the sea lions, volcanoes, and the giant lizards.

2. Bali Island 

You can't dare miss such beautiful sunsets in Bali islands
You can’t dare miss such beautiful sunsets in Bali islands

Indonesia has more than 17000 tropical islands but none is as breathtaking as Bali. Locally, it is known as the island of the Gods due to its impressive landscape and geographical formation which is composed of many hills, mountains, jagged coastlines, and nice sand beaches. Other features that make up the islands include the lush rice farms, the volcanic hillsides, the unique cultural submission of its inhabitants, and wildlife. All these make Bali an earthly paradise of natural wonders.

Activities for adventurers on the island include surfing, diving, cultural and archaeological attractions, mountain climbing, traditional cooking classes and of course sunbathing. The Island could be the most frequented due to wide popularity and easy accessibility by the world’s major airlines.

3. Maldives Islands

The oceanic and island life of Maldives makes it the perfect destination for those on honeymoon
The oceanic and island life of Maldives makes it the perfect destination for those on honeymoon

There are 26 atolls that make up the world’s lowest-lying nation, the Maldives. The islands have a warm tropical climate with temperatures 30°C and above, all year-round. The islands’ inhabitants are Sunni Muslim with a mix of Sinhalese, South Indian, and Arab influences. Because of its low-lying atolls, you’ll find that many resorts and hotels are built directly over the crystal-clear waters.

Outdoor activities to enjoy here include snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming in the sparkling azure waters and surfing. Getting around the islands is pretty challenging but with the right means it can be possible. There are the Maldivian air taxis, public ferries, and private yachts to take you around the beautiful atolls.

4. Tasmania Island

Tasmania's breathtaking landscapes makes it ideal for a range of outdoor activities.
Tasmania’s breathtaking landscapes make it ideal for a range of outdoor activities.

Tasmania is separated from the mainland Australia by the Bass Straight. Wildlife includes the duckbill platypus, the Tasmanian devils, and wallabies. The popular produce on the island includes the sea lettuce, opossum, and the Tassie wine. You can also discover its spectacular landscapes like the highlands carved by glaciers, solitary beaches, coastal wilderness, silent rainforests, and the colorful alpine wildflowers. The Island’s national parks include a diversity of unspoiled habitats and ecosystems which offer sanctuary to the unique, and often ancient, plants and animals not found anywhere else on the Earth.

5. Santorini Island

Santorini's coastline offers you a great picturesque scenery
Santorini’s coastline offers you a great picturesque scenery

This is a volcanic island located in southern Greece. Most visitors to the islands love its impressive views of the surrounding landscapes, the spectacular sunsets over Oia and the nearby active volcanoes. There are also very attractive beaches and the most popular ones are, the Perissa beach, Kamari famous for its black pebbles.

If you are a good nature photographer, you’ll definitely fall in love with the island’s picturesque setting. The island has a beautiful architectural scenery that includes the white houses and blue-domed churches which were built on rocky seaside cliffs, the Akrotiri settlement also known as Minoan Pompeii.

6. Moorea Island

Mount Rotui and the Cook Bay in Moorea
Mount Rotui and the Cook Bay in Moorea

Very few tourists visit this island that is located a few kilometers from Tahiti, the French Polynesia. This means that it’s less ‘spoilt’ unlike all the other heavily frequented islands. From an aerial view, the island is heart-shaped but there’s more than just a shape. The islands have very enticing blue lagoons, rugged mountains, and these are covered in rainforests, you may also like to hike around the many waterfalls in the interior.

It’s easy to get around the island on a cheaply rented moped or taxi to go around the island and pass by the coconut tree-dominated beaches for less than an hour. From the island, you have good views of the sacred Mt. Rotui, Opunohu bay, and Cook bay all of which are marvelous. Cool nights can be spent in luxury thatched bungalows built atop the blue waters.

7. Maui Islands

A bay on Maui island
A bay on Maui island

These spectacular islands in Hawaii present many holidaymakers, mostly from the US with very enticing vacation spots for a wonderful holiday. Outdoor fun-filled activities for you include the bike rides, the mountain hikes to the 19sq miles crater of Haleakala. You can also experience the thrill of windsurfing along the tidal wind-blown waters around the island, canoeing, kayaking, jet skiing and parasailing on the Kaanapali beach. You can also enjoy snorkeling, mountain biking, and hike alongside the many waterfalls in Hana.

8. Kauai Island

Kauai flowers, Kauai
Kauai flowers, Kauai

Also part of Hawaii, it is found in the north-western part. It is nicknamed the Garden Island due to its abundant lush green with a variety of tropical plant life that watered. The islands receive most of the heaviest amount of rainfall and the resulting erosion led to the formation of great natural wonders like the Waimea Canyon and the Na Pali Coast. The island has the longest sandy coastline among all Hawaii islands. Wildlife photographers will love the stunning scenery to photograph native birds and animals. You can also visit the Opekaa waterfalls, Anahola mountains and the bluffs off Hanalei bay. You won’t regret the time spent there.

9. The Great Barrier Reef Island

An abundance of colorful aquatic life in the Great Barrier Reef
An abundance of colorful aquatic life in the Great Barrier Reef

This regarded as the most astonishing marine paradise that consists of more than 1,600-miles of coral reef that plays refuge to more than 400 species of marine life ranging from the large baleen whales to thorny urchins.

If you love deep sea diving, you’ll definitely love to adventure the more than 3,000 individual reefs that also make up the Seven Wonders of the Natural World. One spectacular isle is the Whitehaven that has very nice and clean beaches whose remarkable biodiversity is mirrored in the uniquely made seaside world-class resorts. One of the best places never to miss while in Australia!

10. Malta Island

Fort St. Angelo, Malta
Fort St. Angelo, Malta

Being located just in the southern part of Europe, Malta island has for a very long time been a seductive isle for both world empires and the millions of tourists who flock to the island every year. Its Mediterranean warm summers provide the best possibilities for a nice sunbathe or a perfect water dip for a great swim.

The island is dotted with ornate ancient churches, big middle aged castles and huge fortresses that bear the times of the previous great empires that ruled the island in the past. Visiting any of them will provide you with scenic harbor views on a sunny clear weather. Attractions include the UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the Hypogeum and the megalithic temples that can be admired on both Gozo and Malta. Can you imagine that these are the oldest in the world? You can also buy some antiquities like the finest jewels and also enjoy the great Maltese food.