There are no reliable beliefs as to where you should be seated for higher chances of survival.
There are no reliable beliefs as to which plane seat offers a better chance of survival in the event of a crash.

Every flier has a particular seat location of preference due to different reasons. Those on business trips love the aisle seats because they can disembark the plane immediately upon arrival. Night-time travelers might prefer a window seat so that they can rest their heads and fall asleep while nervous fliers prefer sitting near the wing where there is little plane turbulence.

If you are a first-time flier and unsure of the best plane seats, then you need to know some useful specifications about of each of them. Seats in the exit row tend to have more space for legroom but not suitable for families since children are not allowed to sit in exit row seats.

Others like bulkhead seats which are behind the physical barriers that divide different areas in a plane. These seats also offer you some extra leg room since there are no seats in front of you.  But bear in mind that you won’t have somewhere in front of you to keep personal items as it is on other sitting areas of the plane.

Concerning flight safety and escape in the event of a plane crash, there are no reliable beliefs as to where you should be seated for higher chances of survival. The most common belief is that you are more likely to survive if you’re seated among the plane’s rear seats, others believe that those seated near the front of the plane, i.e. among the first five rows, are more likely to survive a crash.

If you want to have a calm flight, do not choose seats that are located near noisy and bright movie screens because these will make it very hard for you to sleep. Also, middle seats near the aisle and restrooms experience a lot of movements and can give you an undesirable flight experience. So avoid them if you can. There is an online guide which guides you on how to choose the different seat types and their location on different aircraft.

The easiest way of getting a better seat is by joining a frequent flier program. You will have to present your frequent flier code while making a seat reservation or checking in at the airport. If you are a loyal traveler with a particular airline, there are higher chances of you securing the best seat you want. United Airlines rewards their frequent fliers with Economy Plus Access that gives them better seats with a few more inches of legroom.

Another option is to purchase your flight tickets enough in advance. You should know that as the flight date approaches, many seats are being taken up. But also checking-in online as early as possible can help you to secure your seat if you can confirm it several hours before your flight. If online check-in isn’t available, then you should arrive early at the airport to secure a good seat.

You can buy a better seat from the airline, especially those that offer economy-class seats with extra legroom. Such seats can be secured with an additional fee. For example, JetBlue has a program “Even More Space”, which gives you access to seats near the exit that have 38 inches instead of the regular 34. Some airlines will allow you to choose a seat of your preference when booking a ticket, so you need to find out from your preferred airline.

Always ask for any open seats that haven’t been taken up. Approach the airline’s counter or ask at the boarding gate if there are any available seats, you never know when someone upgrades to a business class seat or doesn’t show up for the flight and if you’re lucky then you’ll occupy the seat. And once in a while, speak nicely to the airline’s agents officials because you never know that out of your kindness you might win yourself a better seat you have always desired.