It seems like very few holidaymakers are aware of Costco’s new travel website. From our observation, this will provide a huge relief for thousands of travelers who cram the internet in search for discounts on travel packages. The wholesaler has for a long time been known for selling home items and office equipment, sports & fitness, clothing, and jewelry, etc. Their newest addition seeks to provide travelers with member savings on top-quality, and brand-name vacations.

What is it all about?

Well, as a registered member, Costco Travel will allow you to rent cars, book holiday cruises, purchase vacation packages and theme park tickets on great discounts. We bring you some important information on how you can get hold of this surprising initiative and making sure that you don’t miss out this coming summer.

Enjoy cruises in the group rates

Through Costco's group rates, you'll be able to book discounted ship cruises with major liners
Through Costco’s group rates, you’ll be able to book discounted ship cruises with major liners

Just like it does in its retail business, Costco has applied the ‘bulk orders’ scheme in its travel planning category. The group rates will apply to members who are unable to afford to book individually. This will help you to enjoy group discounts while having an exciting adventure with your travel mates. Under the group rates include the “Costco cash cards” which group members may use aboard the cruises.

Members are able to book cruises with major cruising companies like Disney Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, or the Viking River Cruises. These companies have discounted cruises to Alaska, Bermuda, Hawaii, Europe, Mediterranean, and South Pacific destinations. You can also expect plenty of the finest French and Kirkland wines all aboard.

Use the Low Price Finder tool to get affordable car rentals

At Costco Travel, it’s not all about cruises because your option might be overland adventuring. So they’ve got a special section for you to find discounted car rentals that can fit in everyone’s travel budget. How do you get the cheapest deals? Costco Travel will help you to make a cost comparison between major car rentals such as Alamo, Avis, Budget and Enterprise using the Low Price Finder tool. This feature will allow you to go for the cheapest option. It lists the available coupons, codes, discounts and more from their listed car rentals.

Don’t miss out on the fun in the theme Parks

Want to take your family on a dream theme park for a vacation but worried that this might be expensive? Don’t worry about being left out in this highly competitive summer season! Right on the Costco travel site, you are able to scan for available discounts at theme parks like the most famous Disneyland Resorts, Walt Disney World, or Universal Orlando. Members can get all-inclusive packages that give them an extra free night and theme park tickets.

Try the vacation packages

You can book a discounted summer vacation to many interesting places with your family
You can book a discounted summer vacation to many interesting places with your family

Are you planning to spend a long time on your holiday with your family? On this website, you are able to browse through discounted vacation packages to Costa Rica, Maui, Caribbean, Cook Islands, Europe or even South Africa. These vacation packages include airport shuttles, car rentals, airfare, breakfast, Costco Cash cards and room upgrade for members. But the availability of these included extras depends on your vacation destination.

So summer is already here with us, it may do well for you to rush and book your summer holiday vacation to many interesting places with your family. You shouldn’t be left out because everything on this site is well-crafted to suit your tastes and preferences.