Life doesn’t come cheaply. Sometimes it might take long for us to realize that we toil so hard at the expense of our life pleasures which we are heavily seeking. It won’t have to be late for you to realize that you need to enjoy life to the fullest – but by reconsidering your life’s priorities and knowing what’s really the best for you.

Probably you have read about people who have quit their well-paying jobs to escape a vacuum life of daily struggles by selling all their belongings and migrate to another country where they believe that they will experience their desired life to the fullest. Making such an important decision doesn’t come easily but there is a possibility that this will free you from the daily life struggles that put an enormous stress on your life. You know life is short, and you have got to enjoy it before it’s too late.

Take an example of the so-called “American Dream” which is being pursued by millions and millions of hopefuls. But look at it this way; such a life pursuit won’t bring the desired life enjoyment because today’s 24-hour economy requires you to toil a lot and wear yourself out to keep life afloat. Remember that in the end, you will always feel that the dream you are chasing is simply an empty air!

Never be fooled into running an endless marathon, sooner or later you will have to realize that you are only working for the Bourgeoisie. But how can you live your own dream without having to worry about the daily survival nightmares? There’s always a way out.

Instead of trying to live the uncertain American dream where you will spend countless of unproductive hours in a traffic jam, facing the urban congestion, pollution, crimes, insecurity, and other daily struggles to keep your head above the waters. You won’t realize it until you know that you have hit a dead end and this will teach you a good lesson that nothing in life is worth fighting for than doing what your life truly deserves.

It’s worthy to enjoy an adventurous and explorative life by escaping from being tied to a pole like as if you are a slave. This can’t be a guarantee to perfection but it will enable you to experience life the way you want. Try thinking about a certain place or country. What does it have that you think can make your life better? And how can you take advantage of what it offers to make your life less stressful? Think about a place where breakneck hustling isn’t the order of a typical day to achieve ultimate happiness.

Free yourself from being tied around and enjoy an adventurous life you truly deserve

Try to plan how you will gather your life to start off an adventurous life with no strings attached. It can also be very perplexing to think of how you will adjust to such a life but remember your motive; to find out something new about life, try it and then take an interest in doing it. There’s a lot out there for you to explore rather than just within your locality’s limits.

Think about Mexico, a country with very sociable people and a distinguished cultural identity. The food, the market scenes, the music, and humor despite all the challenges they face. Perhaps it can be a good place to start. Compared to the ‘American dream’, Mexico offers a calm and stress-free life experience that allows you to blend in yourself with nature and rediscover yourself naturally away from the unpredictable and complex ‘American dream’ that everyone is chasing after.

Mexico’s natural beauty that inspires awe also presents you with opportunities to appreciate the gift of life while living free, setting your own limits and heights and experiencing ultimate freedom like never before. Explore and share stories about the country’s rich Azteca culture depicted in places like the Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan, the scenic natural beauty of the Parque Mexico, surfing, horseback riding, underwater exploration, etc.

Think of a place that will help you rediscover yourself, build your potential and how you can manage a different life with your own rules, defined by just yourself! Learning to let go of what is holding you back is never easy at the beginning but once adapted to this new life, it will ultimately pay off to pursue something in life you have always dreamed of.