So here I am, sharing what I have already experienced while living in Europe’s largest metropolitan! Moving to London doesn’t come easy and even if you finalize your documentations, it may not be easy to settle in and get accustomed to the norms, habits and way of life in London.

There are a lot of things one should know beforehand to blend in with London’s lifestyle and not making a complete fool of himself. London’s lifestyle is one of the most challenging in terms of costs because first of all, finding a job and somewhere to live are the biggest struggles you will face as a first-timer in London.

As a huge cosmopolitan, London has its own ups and downs which you have to roll deep while trying to stay afloat. So let’s discuss some of the unpleasant circumstances you ought to be aware of before you dedicate to live in London.

London has its own high and lows
London has its own high and lows

Forget about the excitement at the end of every month while anticipating your work salary, this ain’t the norm here. You will realize after a couple of days that more than half of your monthly salary has just ended up in the landlord’s bank account. Feeling like you’re only toiling for the landlord? Not just the apartment fees, but water, electricity, gas, etc are the most expensive here than in any other European city.  So you might need to forgo your savings habits.

Getting around London’s intertwisted and complex road systems will bring you severe headaches. Thousands have reportedly got lost while having no idea where they are, and the difficulty in remembering their residences and workplaces. In this case, getting hold of ‘City Mapper’ will save the situation.

Recently, London was ranked among the worst European cities for pollution, this as an unavoidable fact, you have to just get used to it and move along with the daily life. London’s taxi cabs are also damn expensive at night, so if you enjoy partying till late you may have to forgo a taxi cab, maybe if you are really rich but otherwise, a bus would be the better option.

Don’t be surprised if you start getting judged you based on where you reside in London. It is the norm which you can also play along. So you may need to check properly where you have chosen to live or else you may not like how you will be referred to.

Transport in London maybe the most modernized but Alas! Expect an early morning train to halt for decades while on your way to work or a bus to terminate unexpectedly and at some point, you might find yourself dropped nowhere and then getting stuck! It doesn’t matter whether it’s raining but for sure your night will just be completely ruined.

Love to party? You will find yourself choosing to hang out on a weekday rather than on a weekend. Expect weekend nights to be rowdy and chaotic and you might never want to get caught up in the melee.

Forget the calm nights you’ve enjoyed before you came here. Loud sounds of sirens and drunk people shouting in the street rule the night. But in time, you will get used to this such that when you return to your nativity, you’ll find it hard to even close an eye for a sleep! As if that’s not enough, the loud intimate noises from the neighbor next doors will really piss you off, too!

You might also love the company of the big rats; I mean super-sized monster rats! London rats are notorious for not being fearful of humans like their counterparts in other countries. You’ll be overwhelmed by the size of a huge average London rat, they’re well-known for feeding on burgers, pizzas, chocolates, McDonalds, etc. So be in for a life surprise.

You might also end up doing more window shopping often than actual buying. London’s supermarkets sell the most highly priced items in western Europe. So you may just end filling up a long wish list while hoping to go on a shopping spree at the month’s end.

Well, despite all these downs, London, like any other major metropolis, has its ups, you will enjoy the awesomeness and the warm hospitality of a typical Londoner who will help you when you’re lost, strike up a conversation either in a café or the train, but just be on the lookout for London’s notorious bad boys, they’ll suck the city out of you. You’re warned…