Never try annoying an expat! They make many tough decisions to emigrate from their mother countries and take on new challenges in foreign lands. Many expats around the world work as diplomats, CEO’s, teachers, doctors, engineers, and many other professions.

But just like any other person struggling to adapt to the way of life in their new homes, there are certain things that you shouldn’t just say to expats especially if you see them struggling to fit in their new society.

Here we discuss some of the things that will piss off an expat, so if you really cherish your friendship with him/her, just don’t try to infuriate him with any of the following statements…

Frequently asking “Are you homesick?”

Well, it’s natural for anyone to miss their home country. The psychological attachment, their families and friends, their favorite foods, the weather and the general way of life, are all things that expats terribly miss. Though asking such a question may not be bad but asking it often will surely annoy them. Just be supportive to them by helping them to feel home away from home.

There are certain things that you shouldn’t just say to expats especially if you see them struggling to fit in their new society.

You should be lucky to live here

Yeah, it wouldn’t be so if it wasn’t for the heavy sacrifices I made to make it here! Others sold all they had, developed courage, and endured all the challenges to settle in. But it’s not all about luck because of all the tough immigration policies, struggling to find work and then coping with the strange life here. It’s true there’s some luck involved along the way but all these struggles are behind the so-called luck. It wasn’t all about making choices, but sensing possibilities and going for them.

Don’t ask me how am learning your language

Questions like ‘Are you now fluent?’ aren’t logic. You may not know how long it takes to learn your local dialect. It can be frustrating that after daily attempts, still, we can’t catch up with many complex phrases. Asking how far with our mastering of your language just makes expats feel a bit embarrassed because they just think that you’re trying to make fun of them. It would be better if you assist him or her to practice, that would be very helpful.

Why don’t you get more local?

Oh dear, that may not be my ambition for now because, honestly, it won’t happen overnight! Getting used to the local food, local weather, lifestyle, etc can be so hectic especially if you want to blend in with your host country. But still, I don’t want to lose a vital part of me – my native origin. I don’t want to completely strip off what am made of, but I will always preserve part of my culture while learning my other new culture. Though I try going to local pubs and making local friends but you won’t see me rushing at everything!

Moving home soon?

What!!?? And whatever made you ask that question? Well, sacrificing to forgo the pleasures of your home country and settle here shows a lot of commitment from an expat. They’re trying to make the most of their new home in their host countries and when you come up with this question, it only upsets them!

Some expats get so much attached to their host countries to the point that they try their best to assimilate by marrying from the locals, set up permanent homes, businesses, etc. They are already at home, here!!