The Cuddle cabin specially made for your flying pet. (Photo: American Airlines)
The Cuddle cabin specially made for your flying pet. (Photo: American Airlines)

Unlike before, you can now fly with your beloved pet close to your seat. Recently, American Airlines introduced the Cuddle class for man’s best friend to enjoy domestic sky cruises in a more comfortable way. This will be a special privilege enjoyed by those flying in the first class on the airline’s A321T fleet that plies the Los Angeles and San Francisco flights to New York.

If you’re curious about the prices for a premier first class cuddle seat for your dog, you’ll have to pay $125 for the usual carry-on pet fee. You can bring your dog or cat but not snakes and other unspecified pets. These special seats are built inside the special compartments that are located just next to the dog owner’s seat. In a statement posted on their website, the airline said that this initiative is aimed at easing passengers’ air travel with their pets and making the whole experience less stressful. The airline added that so far the unique facility, a one of its kind, is gaining popularity among the first class pet-owning flyers.

To enjoy the ride with your dog, you have to reserve the seat at the same time when you book your flight but some documentation from a veterinary personnel will be required first. This is seen as an invention that is likely to draw other airlines into facilitating proper pet travel arrangements next to their owners. Previously, American Airlines only allowed small pets onboard but the newly invented pet cabin is already a step ahead.

The Cuddle cabin is only available on AA's A321T flights
The Cuddle cabin is only available on AA’s A321T flights

Though your dog will miss out on watching fabulous movies or the special onboard treats, it will feel much more comfortable and very confident while flying next to you. Each plane has two spacious and well-ventilated pet cabins but each cabin accommodates only one dog.

If your pet can fit in the 19×13 inches compartment, then you will comfortably fly with it. But if you want to know other required dog specifications, then you may have to visit the airline’s official website and find out more about the restrictions and recommendations on dog breeds, weight, and the needed vet documentation. But pet items like blankies and dog toys won’t be allowed on the plane.

With first class flight tickets averaging $8000, this is an affordable offer to the pet-loving fliers on the routes between from New York to either San Francisco or Los Angeles.  This special facility will allow you to monitor your pet throughout the flight and also keep you closer to each other even at more than 40,000ft high in the skies.