Sometimes we dread the burdens of flying, from booking a ticket until you reach your destination. These have made flying so tedious. But some frequent fliers might not be aware that these useful tricks can change their flying from being a dreadful to an enjoyable one.

You should stop sobbing about the prolonged security procedures at airports. But if you sign up for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry program, you would get preapproved by the US Customs and Border Protection. Then you would be labeled as a low-risk traveler. Then you will easily pass through airport security while reducing your time to the processing lines.

Want to make a short trip somewhere but the return ticket is unaffordable? Well, booking two one-way flights you’ll be able to lower the costs. You may not know but it would be a lot cheaper if you booked separate one-way tickets on different airlines. Try it and you’ll be surprised at how much you will be saving. And if booking for international flights, it may be convenient to book foreign carriers because of their improved aircraft facilities, including the economy class. You’ll be like in Business class, pillows, blankets, nice meals, etc.

Are you a loyal frequent flyer with your favorite carrier but tired of sitting in the same class? Well, next time you book an economy ticket, ask for an upgrade and then your ticket will be marked with booking codes, either Y or B. In this case, you may get a complimentary upgrade to the Business class in case there are any open seats available.

Frequent economy flyers with a p;articular airline can enjoy these sumptuous business class meals.
Frequent economy flyers with a particular airline can also enjoy these sumptuous business class meals.

Airlines have what is called “regional pricing” and tickets can cost lower in countries with fewer standards of living or in the airline’s home country. So keep this in mind next you’re booking a ticket to pretend that you’re in that discounted region. But concerning dynamic pricing, you may want to see if ticket prices go down after some time. In this case, clearing your browser search history and cookies will help, instead of refreshing a window countless times or using incognito windows.

If you have already booked a ticket, whether refundable or not, you can cancel it within the 24-hour window and then rebook the ticket in case a cheaper rate shows up. In this way, you may not need to pay any extra fees but you can put your airfare on hold for 24 hours and some airlines can enable you to wait for some weeks before booking while waiting for a cheaper fare.

Tired of the uncomfortable middle seats? Then next time you’re deciding on the same flights, you should pick the one on Boeing 767. It has fewer middle seats than the other planes. Seats in Boeing 767 can recline and give you extra legroom than other aircraft.

Boeing 767 has fewer middle seats with extra legroom
Boeing 767 has fewer middle seats with extra legroom

You may want to catch up with your scheduled flight’s updates, gate changes or flight delays. Many airlines have now made their services accessible through smartphone apps. These come in handy if you lead a very busy life and may have no time checking the airline’s website. Additionally, with the airline app, you can make a quick paperless boarding at many airports.

Moving with lots of stuff but have less space for each item? Then you just need to have a small go-pro bag to stuff your toiletries and those extra cables and chargers. For the clothes, just roll them up to minimize space and reduce wrinkling instead of folding them. To save more space, use an air-compression bag to force air out of them. You also need to balance your suitcase and prevent it from trembling from side to side, just place the heaviest items first in the bag then add the rest. This will give you great ease while carrying it.

Do you want to adventure more without buying extra tickets? So you may want to add some free stopovers on your flight in case it’s a long one! You’ll need to check with your airline if they offer free stopovers and you can use them to explore places you might never have been to, cheaply!

While in-flight internet fees and roaming charges are expensive, still you can stay connected cheaply by subscribing to a Wi-Fi hotspot provider called Boingo. If you’re in Americas, this will cost you $4 per month and $59 for a global coverage. You can also make free calls around the world no matter where you are by using Skype or Google’s Hangout app. This will help you to avoid the costly mobile roaming charges.

There are times when we need to get our in-flight meals faster and then get to sleep. Though dinner service is done at once, you can order a special meal that nobody else on the plane is getting (fancy a vegan dinner?). This means that you’ll get served first before others. Then you’ll have to sleep early.

See! These less known tricks and many others out there have been shared by those geeky fliers and have benefitted them a lot. You may want to try any of them next time you’re planning to fly somewhere. You’ll realize the difference…