Recently, we were stunned at the world’s most unfriendliest cities that were ranked by the Travel + Leisure magazine. The same magazine also asked its readers to rank the most unfriendly cities across the globe and as you read on, you’ll be enticed to buy your next flight ticket to these cities that will warm your heart! It seems like Ireland is also the world’s most friendly country because three of its cities feature among the top five. Both the U.S and Australia have two ranked cities in the top ten.

The world’s friendliest cities were ranked based on what makes up their “friendliness” and this included the instinctive hospitality, a warm smile at every street corner, and willingness of the inhabitants to assist a stranger. All of this does make a city more open and accessible to travelers.

Readers also shared their heartwarming experiences of getting helped when lost, locals sharing with them their culture, and are willing to open up to visitors and show the best that their cities have to offer. These are the people who open up their homes to let you in, teach you how to cook their traditional cuisines, take you on a guided tour of their interesting attractions or teach you a local language. Here we go…

1. Galway, Ireland

The world’s top friendly city is highly praised for its impressive hospitality and humor which are the remarkable distinctions of a real Irish. Readers claimed that Galway has the friendliest people they’ve ever met and are kind-hearted to strangers. Besides its kind-hearted people, the city has some interesting attractions like the Eyre Square, Galway City museum, Taibhdhearc theater and much more.

2. Charleston, South Carolina

Despite the recent hurricane tragedies that have immensely devastated this humble town, the city’s inhabitants are the most compassionate and resilient people in the world. Probably this is why it has quickly recovered as the locals seek ways of being inviting to everyone. The loving spirit and respects for each other have touched many hearts people from around the world who also visit lush gardens, aquariums and the well-preserved historical and religious landmarks.

3. Dublin, Ireland

The second Irish city to make it to the top three of the friendliest cities in the world, Dublin has always mirrored the Irish people’s warm-heartedness towards strangers of all sorts. While in this gregarious city, find an ample time to stroll by the Hipster Triangle where you will experience the true Irish spirit of togetherness by indulging in a unique Irish ice cream flavors with the locals. Other attractions include the famous Guinness Storehouse, Temple bar for Irish contemporary music, and the National Gallery.

4. Cork, Ireland

In this friendly coastal city, locals welcome everybody with open arms. It also boasts of lush green hills that bloom with wildflowers, and crystal clear rivers that wind down through the ancient ruins. Take time to drive along its scenic Wild Atlantic way, visit the Blamey Castle, Cork City Gaol, Fota wildlife park, the beautiful Spike island or the Crawford Art Gallery.

5. Siem Reap, Cambodia

This region is one of the most peaceful, calm and adventurous places in South East Asia. It is the gateway to the world-famous Angkor ruins which were the seat of the Khmer kingdom that rained between the 9th and the 15th centuries. It also has a rough mountainous jungle terrain where Buddhist temples like the Angkor Wat and other stone buildings are tucked. The locals are described as being calm and helpful. You may also like to visit the Bayon temple at Angkom whose walls are carved into giant mysterious faces.

6. Auckland, New Zealand

If you desire to be surrounded by cheerful people in a very comfortable city, then head straight to Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city. Its streets are clean and very safe for strangers. The cheerful city is quite small but packed with many wonderful attractions to keep you absorbed in its beauty. Take time and stroll past its Victorian-style houses in Ponsonby, unwind in its white sand beaches at Takapuna or take a ferry to its naturally impressive Waiheke island for a night in many of the inns found there.

7. Melbourne, Australia

Australia’s most heartwarming city is well-known for its improved public transportation system that is well accessible from any point around the city like the free City Circle tram. It is very easy to walk around the city while making some outdoor shopping in several of its shop-lined streets. You can strike up a conversation with a shop keeper while bargaining for an item’s price which of course can be interesting!  Find time to stroll through the Royal Botanic Gardens or sail along the Yarra River.

8. Sydney, Australia

Sydney is known for its positive vibe decorated by the naturally beautiful Sydney harbor and plenty of diverse cultural offerings. The city’s dwellers are delightful and easygoing people towards everyone. Get entertained by a performance at Sydney Opera House. Other experiences include visiting the Darling Harbor and Circular Quay to observe the waterside life, marvel at the arched Harbor Bridge, stroll through the Royal Botanic Gardens and cap your visit by climbing up the Sydney Tower’s 268m glass viewing platform, to have 360-degree views of the city, its harbor, and the suburbs.

9. Edinburgh, Scotland

The enchanting and truly magical city of Edinburgh keeps pulling back its visitors to have more and more rounds of wonderful experiences like walking through its medieval lanes and intimate squares, visiting the fairytale stone castles and Georgian New Town’s storefronts. Others include the 16th century Holyrood Palace, Calton Hill to view the monuments there and the St. Gilles Cathedral.

10. Savannah, Georgia

Savannah’s residents are always known as the most delightful and good-natured people in the US. It’s a coastal city with well-manicured gardens and parks, the 18th-century architecture, and the horse-drawn carriages. Fall in love with its cobblestoned historic district that is filled with squares and parks like the Forsyth Park, magnolia blossoms and oak trees covered with Spanish moss. Architectural landmarks include the centuries-old Gothic-Revival Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist.