The Psilocybin mushroom also known as magic mushrooms similar to the ones the man consumed
The Psilocybin mushroom also is known as magic mushrooms similar to the ones the man consumed

So someone consumed a lot of magic mushrooms (am certain he didn’t bother curing them), didn’t go well down in his tummy and later ended up giving a bad review to a business that’s tens of thousands of miles away for the Friday mess he had.

Jake is someone who enjoys getting high, a typical stoner. So one Friday evening wasn’t the like the usual weekend kick-off nights that he has always enjoyed. He didn’t say where exactly he got the magic mushrooms from but it could probably be a random street shop a few blocks away in Midlands!

So he settled down to watch his favorite Netflix shows on his couch hoping for a great Friday evening while he ingested his mushroom stuff. He had expected this moment to be one of his best ‘Friday night in’ but it wasn’t as he hoped.

Jake narrated his ordeal and said that as soon as he started eating the mushrooms, he suddenly began experiencing some very strange and bizarre flash moments, where at one time he was like ‘crying tears of joy’ but then a few moments later he ‘screamed up with intense feelings of pain’ as he locked eyes with his pet cat and he described this moment as ‘looking into each other’s souls’.

In the meantime, Jake somehow found himself on a travel adventure reviewing website TripAdvisor and then started writing a 2000 strong worded evaluation while reviewing ‘Jake’s Trip’. Unbeknownst to him, he was reviewing an innocent business tens of thousands of miles away on the other side of the world which bears the name ‘Jake’s Trip’.

So Jake rated his bad trip on TripAdvisor when he misunderstood what exactly this review website was all about. Part of his bad review on ‘Jake’s Trip’ he wrote: “This is a very strange trip, very uncomfortable and I’m having a terrible night’s sleep. I’m not even sure of where I am right now and whether or not I’ll be coming back – definitely, would not recommend.” He then went off to sleep in a bath.

The next morning, Jake woke up to a big shock, he had made a wrong review on a wrong business entity and on a wrong review website! The owner of ‘Jake’s Trip’ which is a small bar somewhere in New Zealand had emailed him expressing concerns about his blatant negative review, so Jake apologized and quickly deleted this scathing review.

But this kind of confusion left the internet lighted up with hilarious memes depicting the confusion that Jake of Midlands had after consuming his magic mushrooms. So beware, never consume the so-called magic mushrooms unless you get proper guidance from the seller on how you can prepare them and consume them appropriately. We don’t want to find you all over the internet as Jake did spoil and embarrass himself. Over to you now…