If you have travel plans to Mexico anytime soon, you will have a vast array of adventures to try out! Mexico is a perfect holiday getaway for Americans who do not want to travel very far from home. Mexico is best adventured by engaging in outdoor activities where you get a chance to be amazed by the stunning natural beauty and many historical wonders. These are the top ten outdoor fun activities that will give you unforgettable Mexican memories:

Explore Teotihuacan pyramids from the top

A view from the top of the ancient Azteca ruins

They say things are best seen from above and nothing will ever give you the most memorable sight than exploring the Teotihuacan pyramids from a hot air balloon. These world-famous Azteca ruins are more than 1800 years old and feature many dedicated temples like the Pyramid of the Sun and the Moon. The pyramids were an important cultural and religious site for the Azteca and getting a bird’s view of the whole place will remarkably be stunning!

Adventure the treasures of the sea by visiting the underwater museum

Underwater sculptures

Are you curious to know how the underwater museum looks like? The Underwater Museum of Arts is set in the crystal clear waters surrounding Cancun and Isla Mujeres and has over 500 life-size sculptures used to promote coral life. The area has the second-largest coral reef in the world and many activities can be done here like scuba diving, snorkeling, glass bottom boat views, the jungle tour of the Nichupté Lagoon, and a lot more!

Discover the natural beauty of the Northern Lacandon jungles

The Lacandon rainforest and lagoon

The rainforests of the Lacandon jungles are the largest montane rainforest in North America and they support a variety of rich biodiversities like the endangered jaguars, the howler monkeys, Mexican diurnal butterflies, 1,500 plant species, fish and many other animal species.  The jungles are located in the Chiapas state and are a native home to the primitive Maya people. You will enjoy the guided trek of the forests and several Mayan archeological sites including Palenque, Yaxchilan, Bonampak and a boat ride to the spectacular Lake Metzabok.

Swim and snorkel with whale sharks

maxresdefault (1)
The gray whale shark

Get a once in a lifetime experience by swimming alongside the world’s largest water mammals, the whale sharks! You don’t need to be an experienced diver to enjoy this much sought-after fun! The area is just off Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula on a seldom visited island called Isla Holbox. You’ll also enjoy the ocean’s summer warm waters while swimming alongside the huge 15 tons-whale sharks. These friendly creatures are docile and will allow you to swim close enough to observe the checkerboard patterns of pale yellow dots and stripes covering their thick gray skin.

Challenge yourself to discover Los Cabos on ATV

You have the opportunity to ride an ATV through rugged lands

Have you ever tried riding on an All-Terrain Vehicle through a rough country terrain? Well, it might not be all that tough but believe me, you’ll discover the beautiful and little-known landscapes of Los Cabos. These off-road vehicles will allow you to reach places where very few people go. You will ride in desert trails that are a wild treat offering a strange new world to explore! The tough ATV rides are richly rewarded with a visit to the area’s secluded beaches.

Head to Veracruz for a wild whitewater rafting experience

Whitewater rafting at Vela cruz
Whitewater rafting at Veracruz

Veracruz is a great place to enjoy the wild water rapids that are best cruised while rafting. Try dropping fearlessly off the steep cliffs above and the narrow canyons. You’ll truly experience world-class whitewater, relax on exotic beaches, explore ancient ruins, dance to salsa music, soak in natural hot springs, view spectacular scenery, make new friends, feast on great meals, have the time of your life on a vacation adventure like no other. There are expert tour guides who have extensive knowledge of the local history, culture and of course, provide waves of fun.

Explore the Ancient Maya in Yaxchilan

The ancient Mayan palace

This impressive remote region has a lot for an outdoor adventurer to see, from the ancient Maya ruins of palaces and temples that stand just above the Usumacinta River. Yaxchilan is only accessible by a 40-minute riverboat ride and is home to a large number of howler monkeys that inhabit the rare ceiba trees. Discover the Mayan ancient city of Chiapas which is right in the middle of the jungles surrounded by the huge ceiba trees whose roots you can possibly climb.

Hike a Stratovolcano near Mexico City

Panoramic view of Nevado de Toluca
Panoramic view of Nevado de Toluca

Looking to hike not far away from Mexico City? Then you’ll enjoy climbing the Nevado de Toluca which is a snow-covered mountain. The hike can be very spirited but you’ll richly be rewarded with the most captivating views of the surrounding mountain ranges and other valley lakes. Other outdoor activities at the mountain include exploring the ancient archaeological sites that contain ritual centers that are dated far back during the pre-Hispanic periods.

Bathe in the natural thermal springs of Tolantongo

Tolantongo natural thermal springs

In this area, you’ll love to bathe in the 37 degrees celsius waters of the natural thermal springs of Tolantongo. Not only that, but you will also love a sightseeing tour of the well-decorated caverns, visit the nearby huge waterfalls, the grottoes that are wholly covered in stalactites and stalagmites or renting a tent and camp to stay overnight and gaze at the beautiful night skies. You’ll never forget the whole experience!

Flyboarding in Puerto Vallarta

maxresdefault (2)
Flyboarding over the Atlantic

Do you want to turn your dreams into realities? Then flyboarding overboard the ocean will make you a truly magical fun adventurer. You’ll be able to Zip through the air, high above the waters supported by super water jets of pressurized water. The whole experience will make you feel like flying! Other activities to indulge you include adventuring the lush jungles and sunbathing right down on the beach, where the sand is aptly golden, and the butterflies of every color dance overhead.