Find someone to spark the travel obsession in you. Photo by Partnerseek
Find someone to spark the travel obsession in you. Photo by Partnerseek

Some of us are natural-born adventurers who always yearn to travel to interesting places. Probably you’ve told almost everyone how traveling is your favorite hobby. It is an addictive fun activity in a good way that you’ll want to meet someone with whom you’ll spend the beautiful nights in a tropical paradise or with whom you’ll enjoy water surfing.

Unlike the conventional partners out there, any ideal travel partner is someone as adventurous as you are so that this mutually shared interest will always bring more fun and glamor into your love life. Idealistically, the perfect love partner should be someone willing to explore the world with you, enjoy the world’s best memories with you while being supportive in facing travel challenges with you. You’d be better off than a sole traveler.

The best part of traveling is enjoying the fun together with someone you love most, whether it’s snowboarding, paragliding high in the air, swimming off the Bahamas, sunbathing, kayaking or having a selfie together on a high mountain peak, this all makes traveling more exciting. Seriously any addicted traveler would hate having someone boring and who’s uninterested in adventuring life beyond just the neighborhoods, on the weekend he/she prefers to stay home, watch TV, play games and for the rest of the week its office work, business meetings, etc.

Such people make life dull, and it’s an indication that there’s no shared interests between you and him/her and this might just put an end to your favorite hobby. That’s why it’s vital that instead of just finding someone who’s a dating material, i.e. cute-looking, nice body figure, sweet voice etc, it could pay off if you concentrate on finding someone who’s willing to spend with you a memorable time in the most exciting places around the world. This would just make sense to keep your hobby continuously.

But you’d be sure to explain to the potential life mate how you can never be an animal in the zoo, just confined to a boring enclosure. Be frank and honest, say it wholeheartedly that you’re someone wild, high-spirited and a curious person who is always sniffing some perfect weekend spots to cool off the week-long stress. It won’t all be about going to the nearest restaurant to eat the same food over and over again countless times, but an ideal partner should be willing to travel from the neighborhood comforts to taste the world’s different cuisines or taking on the highest peaks with you. This weekend it can be about trying a Pizza Margherita in the Naples or taking on Mount Aconcagua together. Life’s all about trying new things together.

You deserve to enjoy traveling and having fun with the one you love most. Photo by Travelettes

Your life partner as a traveler should be supportive, someone who can lessen your fears of bungee jumping, surf the high tides of the ocean or snorkeling. Should be someone who can handle life in the Amazonian jungles where there’s no hot shower, no internet but just encircled by pure natural life. Such a person should also have a positive attitude and concern about your safety as well. Should be able to uplift your soul, motivate you to try a challenging task, support your ideas and help to realize your travel ambitions, it doesn’t matter whether your dream is to climb Mt. Everest or deep sea diving. This is because what you’re thinking of will just be important to them as what they’re also thinking of what to do. In other words, it’s a mutual benefit.

Someone who’s a traveling material can easily be spotted. You can always sense an instant bond and also detect natural feelings of trust. He/she is someone who always want to share their travel experiences and any plans of traveling further. Such people also have an endless desire to share everything with you and they feel like they wanna explore the rest of the world with you and this can really bring you closer every time you take on a new challenge together.

Though getting married is considered a major commitment but realistically as lifetime travel partners, traveling the world together is a huge commitment that you’ll love to indulge in for the best moments of your life. It can be so hard to find someone who’s the ideal lifemate and travel mate at the same time. But still, you wouldn’t want someone who will put an end to what you love doing most. It’s worth the wait to find him/her. But in the meantime, continue your solo traveling, you never know it’s through this that you’ll meet another solo traveler whose interests perfectly align with yours.