Every year, the NBA organizes an off-season basketball tour of several major cities around the globe and this time, it wasn’t just one player who went, but three of them! Harrison Barnes, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green, all from the Golden State Warriors, participated in several offseason activities organized by the NBA.

The event dubbed NBA Nation is a city tour organized around the world and the last one was held in 12 cities throughout China. As part of the activities, fans freely interacted with the basketball stars, while the upcoming young Chinese players participated in youth basketball matches and FIT clinics organized in conjunction with NBA’s Chinese offshoot.

Klay Thompson was also part of the NBA tour

The basketball stars also signed autographs for their adoring Chinese fans, posed for photographs and also mentored selected Chinese basketballers in the NBA hosted FIT Clinic. On 23rd August, Harrison Barnes and Klay Thompson oversaw the contest for the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy that was organized in the Wuhan, a city in central China’s Hubei province.

Another Warrior player and NBA Champion Draymond Green also participated in another NBA organized basketball match in the southern Chinese cities of Shanghai and Changsha on 20st August. Green thereafter participated in the Yao Ming’s Charity Basketball match that was held on the next day.

In a series of social media posts by the players on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, photos of the players showed them getting involved in the Offseason activities. One of them showed Harrison and Thompson presenting the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy in Wuhan.

The NBA-sponsored FIT Clinics involves promoting healthy eating and physical activities among the amateur and professional basketball players. NBA says that the clinics are organized to promote healthy eating and physical activity which are both “beneficial to the mind and body which also helps to improve a healthy living, longer life, protecting against disease (immunity), preventing unhealthy weight gain, and minimizing other health risks.”

The association also adds that “physical activity enhances sports and classroom performance by improving heart, lung and muscle fitness; aiding concentration and memory; and elevating mood.”

Similar off-season events have previously been organized by NBA and in 2014, the legendary professional Basketball player LeBron James participated in a five-day trip by visiting two Chinese cities of Guangzhou and Hong Kong, and two in Taiwan – Kaohsiung and Taipei. NBA hasn’t yet confirmed the preparations for this year’s offseason basketball activities.