Traveling has become a life profession to millions of people. Those who have spent a lot of time exploring and adventuring various places around the world are now reaching out to the amateurs – those who are just venturing into this ‘exciting’ profession, to give them applicable tips.

Many who start out are afraid or pessimistic about what will happen to them or how their lives will be affected. Others are looking for useful tips and guides to help them break the ice. Some professional travelers have always shared with us what they think are their favorite tips that helped them gain the most from their adventure travels.

Here we present you the top ten tips which we believe that if well observed, can turn you into a professional traveler. These travel tips will also inspire you to make traveling a priority in your life. After you have applied them and saw their usefulness, you will also be proud to share them with others.

Be ahead of time and patience is a must!

Sometimes a lot of unexpected things happen which at times may freak us out. No need to be angry or annoyed at them. Handle one situation at ago, you missed that train or bus? Don’t worry, be ready to catch another one. Meanwhile, strike up a conversation with a local as you wait for it or take a walk to the next station while you explore more.

These travel tips will help you to enjoy the best moments of your trip

Pack all the essentials and rise up very early

No traveler ever regrets getting up even before daybreak. See the morning rush hour in action, enjoy the sunrise while snapping up some awesome photos. Practice how to greet ‘Good morning’ in the local dialect with the locals. Ensure that you stack enough cash for rescuing you when things go unexpectedly wrong like an ATM machine swallowing up your card, getting robbed, or increase in transport/meal fare. Even if it’s just a few hundred bucks, still you’ll be glad you did!

Make friends with the locals and reach out to strangers

A trip to somewhere can’t be complete without making friends with a few local people. Don’t be stuck within tourist areas only, go out in the markets, visit a local beach, a theater or mingle in the bus park. Strike up a conversation with some kind-hearted people and ensure that you stay in touch even after you separate. Try learning a few basic greetings in their language and in case you face a challenge within the town, you’ll be glad you made a few buddies there.

Observe the daily life and record your cherished memories

Armed with your camera and a journal entry, take record of the daily life you observe in point of interest. Go deep in the villages where few travelers go, engage the toiling locals and praise them for their hardworking. Spend a few hours sitting in a park or strolling around a local market or a busy street, be strategic while you watch as local life unveils in front of you. Take photos, record videos while you learn and appreciate life.

Always know when and where to take great photographs
Always know when and where to take great photographs

Don’t be too extravagant, use local means

Many tourists think that wholesome traveling is in keeping up with their own class. Well, this is not how things work. Instead of traveling by air, why don’t you hitch a ride on a local bus or train? By doing this you’ll see a lot on the way and you’ll encounter many interesting experiences along the way. Go to a local bar, a local beach and hang out in a local park, eat local food, visit a local home, etc. Don’t restrict yourself to tourist places, ie: hotels, national parks because you’ll miss out on experiencing a local touch with the locals.

Always maintain a positive attitude while keeping an open mind

Remember that you are in a foreign country and no one else knows you. So please, don’t judge the lifestyles of others if they are different from your own. Don’t be too quick to pick up an argument but listen to opinions that you may not agree with. Don’t be too arrogant to assume that your views are correct and other people are wrong. Sympathize with people and embrace new possibilities, and ask plenty of questions.

Don’t ever rush, but slow down

Take your time to explore a destination thoroughly, including places that aren’t listed in your travel guide book. Most interesting travel experiences happen surprisingly but these require you to take your time and keep discovering. Don’t leave a place while a question still lingers in your mind. Learn about local activities and participate in them voluntarily. This could be preparing a local dish, a sporting activity, etc.

Remain physically fit while treating your body well

Traveling from place to place while experiencing different weather changes can bring a lot of stress on your body! It can include lack of sleep due to an overnight bumpy ride, especially in tropical Africa. Despite all these, try as best as you can to keep a good health, brush often, stay hydrated, eat a healthy diet, don’t forget your sunscreen and stretch a bit. This will help to keep your body in the right shape to continue on with your adventures.

Keep in touch with your pals and remember to backup often

Don’t forget to update your hommies and buddies about how far you’ve gone. Give them a call, Skype with them, or just send them a text to let them know that you’re OK. Send them photos and let them appreciate what you’re trying to explore. Constantly keep an online backup of your valuable travel documents, photos, videos, etc. You’ll appreciate doing this in case your belongings are stolen.

Stay safe and protect yourself!

This is paramount. Safety starts with you by avoiding risky places, not moving carelessly at night, avoiding the showy display of possessions like mobile phones and jewelry, don’t confront strange people and stay close to your traveling possessions. Take local guide and advice while seriously avoid conflicting with local laws and regulations. Avoid taking an interest in local conflicts such as, politics and disrespecting local cultural norms and religion.