Sometimes it’s very frustrating not being able to find that much cherished moment to enjoy one of your favorite moments – Traveling! Even though you may love to travel a lot and can’t wait till your next vacation or holiday leave, you always yearn to go out and explore a bit. But there’s one barrier, work!

You are not alone because as the world becomes more competitive, there’s an increased demand from our bosses that we work full-time or else there won’t be any other chance. Many of them ask a familiar question, “How can I get to travel often but on a minimal budget?” It takes a lot to master how you can balance between the two, traveling frequently while maintaining your full-time work. Here are the five helpful tips:

Tip one: Consider your weekends for short travels.

Weekends offer a great time to hang out with your friends
Weekends offer a great time to hang out with your friends

Stop complaining about having no time off for traveling. Don’t think a lot of very far away places when there are pretty interesting places around your locality. You can use your weekends for a night or two-night getaways at your favorite nearby destination. If you take the time to study your locality well, you’ll be amazed at how many interesting local places you’ve traveled to. For example, if you live in New York, take the time to visit Niagara Falls and spend a night or two camping around. Don’t wait for the far away vacations, they may even never happen but seize the weekends and you’ll just love the idea.

Tip two: Think of the non-working holidays and long weekends

Don’t be upbeat about the short time you have for traveling. Have you ever thought that by scheduling your vacation leaves near to long weekends or non-working holidays? If you can choose when you’ll have your vacation leave think of planning them around long public holidays because time will be plenty for you to travel as far away as you can and you’ll be able to reach many places.

Think of the long festive holidays like in December where Christmas festivities together with the new year time give mean almost three weeks of vacationing in faraway places. Think of other regular public holidays such as the Thanksgiving weekend, the Memorial weekend, Halloween, etc. Some of these holidays last around three days.

Tip three: Make good use of business trips

You can also use business trips to find time to travel cheaply
You can use business trips to find time to travel cheaply

If you are fortunate enough to be sent on a high profile business trip to attend, let’s say, an entrepreneurial conference in one of your dream destinations, then you’re indeed lucky. On such trips, your air ticket and hotel room are all for free in addition to the hefty allowance. You should make good use of your trip by extending your stay in the area for like three days to explore and adventure around. Another trick is to request a leave for the few days in-between your business trip and the next weekend.

Tip four: Don’t miss out on travel promotions and discounted air tickets

Sometimes we travel less due to the high costs of air tickets which take up a large chunk of our holiday budget. In this case, the goal is to spend less on your favorite destinations so that you can travel more often. To achieve this, look out for discounted vacation packages which are often announced during popular holidays. Try subscribing to budget airlines for updates on promos about discounted air tickets

Also, browse the internet for cheap flights, there are plenty of them. Additionally, try booking in advance to avoid the late rush when prices usually climb up so fast due to the high demand. For example, if you’re planning a Christmas holiday somewhere, try booking the flight in October when there is less demand or the tickets. You should know that the closer the holiday gets, the higher the demand for tickets resulting into high prices.

Tip five: Be resourceful with your budget to enjoy more

There are travel options for every budget

Normally when the budget is limited but we desire to do more, the only thing to do is to take extra steps to spend well while enjoying more. Don’t get so used to staying in luxurious 5-star hotels, traveling on business class flights eating out in expensive restaurants or attending costly casinos. There are plenty of options to all these. Why not opt to stay in a low-budget but decent hostel? What about guesthouses or using Couchsurfing service? In such places, you can even experience local life while meeting great people.

Try eating out at a local restaurant on a local dish. Make good use of your day by waking up very early and have more hours of adventuring. If you are to bring back any gifts, then try shopping in local souvenir shops rather than in expensive malls.