Flatlay photos will bring out a unique message to even without any description

Browse through many Instagram accounts and all you’ll see plenty of selfies and other unorganized photos. Photography is a major element in adventure traveling and that is why you need to perfect your photography taking skills with flatlay to envy others. While you’ll need a nice camera to take the clearest and the most charming shots, the arrangement of the pieces in the photoset matters a lot in creating the best appearance of the snap.

There’s a new photography arrangement trend called Flatlay. It is becoming more popular among adventure travelers who have mastered up taking photos in perfectly arranged squares. Whether you are an adventurer, holidaymaker, or blogger, you would want your photos to bring out a truly inspiring and unique message, even without any descriptions.

Flat-lay is the best way to professionally showcase your passport visas, hiking/skiing snaps, souvenirs, currencies, dishes & cuisines, travel essentials, and gifts. The following should help you to master the art of flat-lay photography to enable you to take an admirable shot on your next vacation.

Unlike fashion and beauty which is best photographed on plain backgrounds, travel flatlays requires you to use a variety of backdrops. This is because you may want to showcase the different places you have visited and so you want to show the unique scenery each place has. Whether you are hiking in the Andes, skiing in the Swiss Alps or surfing the waves of Florida bay, you would want each location to be uniquely showcased in the flatlay, the different weather, different food, mood, all require you to use a variety of attractive but different backgrounds.

Never underrate the influence of highlighting the main piece because it will define all the surrounding pieces and this will help you to create a perfect image theme. Just take your time and figure out which item would be the center of focus and how can you position it in a way that it will unify the overall theme. After you decide on the highlight piece, then carefully choose the most colorful and sizeable pieces and arrange them carefully around the center piece, i.e. placing a cup of coffee in the middle of the tablemat while surrounding it with other breakfast essentials.

To emphasize your traveling spirit, your flatlay should proudly showcase some travel essentials that can be proof of what really got involved in your trip. For example, snap a memorable flatlay that includes your passport, showing the visa stamp page, on the other corner place a pocket map, somewhere in the middle place your air ticket/museum entry ticket, in the foreground add a restaurant meal menu to showcase the local food, place your glasses and seashells from the beach in the background. These travel moments will add an appealing travel spirit in your snaps and envy others!

Make your flatlay neat while avoiding cluttering items around. If you look at experienced travelers’ flatlays, they are orderly and uniquely arranged. Avoid including everything in your flatlay by choosing only those that are very important and leaving out those that aren’t necessary like pens, notebook, bags, etc. Make sure that there’s enough breathing space around each item. This will help your photos look very professional.

One of the reasons why nature attracts our utmost attention is the way in which features of different colors blend in together to create the perfect scenery that travel photographers love to snap. So the same should apply in your flatlay as well. This means that colors in your flatlay should be kept within the same natural tone. This will also help you to avoid cramming unnecessary items into your shot. Just keep different items within their own tonal family, then you’ll find the best blend

Look for a vantage point to snap from a high position. Sometimes things are best viewed from the top, so apply the same in your flatlay. Doing this will help to make sure that each item in your shot is equally visible to the viewer from all angles. Find a higher ground or a chair to take that perfect shot!

Make use of photo enhancement apps. There have been a lot of image improvements being added on in the photography market and you can make good use of them to perfect your flatlay. With your smartphone camera, capture your dream flatlay and edit or enhance it to correct coloring and brighten shadows using a variety of photo editing apps like Snapseed, Lightroom, VSCO Cam or the Adobe Photoshop. Just take your time and ensure that your photo has enough lighting, good color contrast and clearly visible to the eye.