Finally, the long-awaited summer is here but as a couple, have you found a special way of enhancing your relationship and find time to travel together? There are some places and events that need to be enjoyed together as a couple. And hey, who would ever think of traveling alone and leaving their partner behind? Well, traveling together to spectacular places will spice up your relationship and take it to the next level. We have discovered these awesome places around the world that can be best enjoyed together as a couple.

And for the just-marrieds, these places are perfect spots for enjoying your honeymoon. So at the after reading through, clutch a pen and paper and start discussing your travel plans with your partner. Don’t forget the camera for snapping some awesome and memorable photos that will always remind you of the good and happy times you both shared together.

Go Kayaking in the pristine waters of Positano

Kayaking together gives you a fresh experience to bond together in the waters of Amalfi

If you were to choose an exquisite place to enjoy outdoor fun in Italy as a couple, then there’s none better than kayaking down the in the pristine Mediterranean waters of the coastal town of Positano. The town has plenty of ancient castles, the impressive cliffs just outside the city and its people are some of the friendliest in Italy. It’s food too is varied and very delicious. From the town’s main dock, you’ll be able to rent a kayak for an hour and then later explore the remote but enjoyable beaches as you adore the incredible coastal views.

Try snorkeling in the islands of Gili

Snorkeling in the Gili islands. Photo by Xplorea
Snorkeling in the Gili islands. Photo by Xplorea

Have you ever heard of Gili islands? Well, these are found in Indonesia and are popular with couples looking for a remote island experience. Each island has several small resorts, consisting of a collection of huts for tourists, a small pool, and restaurant. You can spend a good time together while snorkeling alongside sea turtles and other beautifully patterned fish. And due to the abundance of other marine life, you can also try diving around the islands and explore its attractive coral formations.

Surf the waves in Bali

A couple surfing in Bali. Photo via The Blonde Abroad

After snorkeling with the sea creatures of Gili islands, just head over to Bali, another spectacular Indonesian island. The island’s warm blue waters will enable you to enjoy the best wave surfing in the world. You’ll find very affordable board rentals on several public beaches and if you’ve never surfed before, you can also take quick lessons. It can be a richly rewarding experience to surf the tender waves of Bali with the partner you love most!

Take a romantic boat ride in the Amsterdam Canals

A couple enjoying a boat ride in Amsterdam canal. Photo by Expedia
A couple enjoying a boat ride in Amsterdam canal. Photo by Expedia

There’s no better way to express mutual feelings for each other than getting into a boat and ride leisurely through Amsterdam’s well navigable water canals. Get lost into each other’s chest and hold hands as the boat takes you in the tranquil waters of this beautiful European city. Don’t forget to enjoy the views above, the nicely designed buildings, the trees and after that, hop into a nearby restaurant to enjoy the city’s delicious food like the stroopwafels! If that’s not enough, get onto your feet and dance together alongside the tunes from the Amsterdam Music Festival and the Amsterdam Dance Event.

Get inspired by Croatia’s beauty

A couple having a nice time in Plitvice Lakes National Park. Photo via  Couples Coordinates
A couple having a nice time in Plitvice Lakes National Park. Photo via Couples Coordinates

Croatia has some of the most beautiful nature in central Europe that are well preserved. Together with your partner, take a hike to the scenic Plitvice Lakes and also swim together in the natural waterfalls found within the Krka National Park. The best time to enjoy these places is when there are fewer people so as to relish the maximum tranquility without struggling.

Bond together by parasail over France’s gorgeous coastline

Parasailing together in France. Photo  by Vantage News
Parasailing together in France. Photo by Vantage News

In Southern France is where your love will grow, develop wings and set off to the skies! Just imagine you and your best mate parasailing over the gorgeous coastline of France’s Mediterranean! If you want to bond more, then find yourselves sharing a meal together in the charming restaurants of Cote d’Azur and after that, take a walk together, hand in hand on its beautiful beaches and participate in a number of beach fun and water activities.

Challenge yourselves together by riding ATVs on Santorini Islands

Touring Santorini on ATV. Photo by Casey Culture
Touring Santorini on ATV. Photo by Casey Culture

Santorini is known as the Honeymoon Island because of its natural beauty combined with the white buildings that are accentuated by a blue paint that imitates the natural blue beauty of the surrounding sea. Watch both captivating sunrises and sunsets together from a clifftop as you whisper romantic words into each other’s ears. Spend the rest of the day riding All-Terrain off-road vehicles through the rugged volcanoes off the island’s west coast and around the island.

Get crazy in the Oktoberfest together

Enjoying Oktoberfest. Photo by The Culinary Couple

Oktoberfest is Germany’s much coveted annual event held in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It normally lasts for 16 days and it’s a kind of folk festival that runs from late September to early October, with more than 6 million people from around the world attending the event every year. Go together and have fun, wear colorful costumes, play, joke, and have a great time while drinking Oktoberfest beer, eating delicious Bavarian food like the pretzels, sing and danced along to German music, make new friends, and all these will help you to bond together as a loving couple.