5 Ways to Keep the Vacation Spirit Alive After You’ve Gone Back Home


We’ve all been there. We had a fabulous few weeks abroad but now are back home and falling back into the rut of normal life. Life feels boring again and we miss the fun, carefree feeling of being on vacation. But the good news is that you don’t have to give up those good times just because you are home now. Over the last few years I’ve come to realize a few things about vacation habits and I’ll share them in this post.

5 ways to feel like you are on vacation year-round

When we are on vacation we are in a certain mood and mindset and that’s a huge part of why we enjoy vacation so much. Think about the different times you’ve had highs and lows emotionally. A lot of those times are purely reflective of our mental state (ie if you want to be happy, think about happy things).

Open your mind to new ides

One of the biggest factors in enjoying a vacation is the fact that our minds are open to new ideas and ways of doing things while we are in an unfamiliar place. The mind thrives on learning new things, and when we are in new surroundings, we have to learn a lot. On vacation we see new places, see different scenery, and we meet new people. We hear new languages, we have to navigate a new public transportation system, we eat new foods. Everything is new and different. And that’s exciting. But when we go back home we fall into the old familiar and yet boring routine. It is said that variety is the spice of life, and that’s true. Doing and learning new things is stimulating and good for us. This point opens up the door to all the other points below.

Learn a new language

It’s exciting to learn a few words of Spanish or Italian or French and then get to try them out when you are on vacation. But that doesn’t have to be the only time you learn new languages. Pick a new language while you are at home and start learning it. Even if you aren’t planning to travel to that country anytime soon. Just the learning of the language will be a fun challenge and will get you in the mood of visiting other countries.

Take public transportation

This is something we don’t think about often, but when we are overseas we usually rely heavily on public transportation to get around. And using public transportation helps you see the city through new eyes. You don’t have to drive so you are free to look around. You meet different people than you’d usually meet. And it gets you out of your rut. Just by switching up your method of transportation you can feel like you are someplace different.

Take a walk

When you are overseas you walk a lot. Walking is a great way to see a city! You discover so many things you would normally miss if you hadn’t walked! You see so many tiny details when you walk. Being outside lets you smell the local flowers and feel the fresh air. It lets you discover hidden alleyways and unique shops. When you drive you often whiz right past everything you’d see if you slowly strolled by. So get outside and walk next time you need to go somewhere local! Save the gas money. Get some exercise. And discover the beauty of being outdoors.

Take day trips

Often we are so busy when we are home that we don’t take advantage of discovering the local gems right in our own backyard. When we have some vacation time we book a flight and head out of town. But even a day trip to a nearby attraction can put you in the vacation mood. You can see and do so much in just one day. Google local attractions as if you were a tourist and then go hit up all the places you’ve jotted down. Remember, tourists often visit your hometown just like you visit theirs. Or at least someplace close to you. Go discover why!

The beauty of vacation is getting out of your rut. Switching things up. Discovering new places and new ways of doing things. And that’s exciting. But you don’t have to go back overseas or spend a lot of money to keep the vacation spirit alive when you are back at home. Implement these simple ideas to switch up the routine and keep life interesting.

What do you to do keep the vacation spirit alive after you’ve arrived back home?