Travel in Spite of Stereotypes

Sugar Beach, St. Lucia
Sugar Beach, St. Lucia

Mention the words “honeymoon island” to anyone and what is the first place everyone thinks of? St. Lucia, right? Various prestigious travel magazines and websites have billed St. Lucia as the most popular honeymoon spot in the world. Other sites have called it one of the most romantic islands in the world. If you’ve traveled at all or looked into honeymoon destinations, without a doubt, St. Lucia has come up in your results.

Looing out at the majestic Pitons in the distance

But what if you are single?

What happens, though, if you aren’t looking for a honeymoon destination? What if you aren’t getting married? And what if you aren’t even seeing anyone at all? Should that mean you don’t get to experience this tiny slice of paradise tucked away in the magnificent Caribbean Sea? I am sure there are other single girls out there who would wholeheartedly agree with me when I say, no! It absolutely shouldn’t preclude you from visiting a place you want to see! Stereotypes are often hard for people to overcome when it comes to visiting certain places but I say why wait to go somewhere you want to go? Why wait for something that may or may not happen? If you want to go somewhere and do something, do it now! Don’t wait for the nebulous someday.  This topic comes up often in one of my online travel groups and I’m surprised at the number of girls who feel they have to wait until they are married or seeing someone to visit places like Paris or St. Lucia.

Go and make the most of your time!

Being single should never stop you from visiting amazing places in this world! Whether it’s Paris, St. Lucia, the Seychelles or the Maldives, if you want to go, go!

This past December I visited the Caribbean and it just so happened that St. Lucia ended up being the fiftieth country I’ve visited. And it wasn’t on a honeymoon. It was on a girls’ trip with one of my girlfriends. And it was fabulous, just like any other part of the Caribbean is fabulous. Don’t let a stereotype keep you from traveling someplace you’ve always wanted to go.


Grab some girlfriends and go!

Sometimes a girls’ trip is just what we ladies need! Why not pick a place that has a stereotype as a romantic destination or as a honeymoon location and visit it? If it has such a great reputation as being a good place for beautiful beaches, great weather, and fun activities why not go and enjoy it with your best gal pals? Don’t let all the married people have all the fun! If you have been hesitant to visit such a place while single, let me encourage you to step out and do something you wouldn’t normally do as a single. It can be so rewarding and the more you do it, the easier it will become. Soon you won’t feel that any place has a stereotype that would keep you from visiting – unless we are talking about places with safety issues or human rights issues. But places labeled “romantic” shouldn’t be reserved for couples only. If they are fabulous destinations for couples then they are also fabulous places for everyone to see.


Have you ever visited a place as a single that was labeled as a couples destination?