If You Are a Garden Lover, the Hamilton Gardens Are the Best Free Thing You'll Do in New Zealand


When I travel I am a fan of free! Free attractions such as exhibits, gardens, museums, parks and fairs are a great addition to a budget travel itinerary. I love going to free local attractions that allow me to immerse myself in the culture around me without breaking the budget. The more free events you take in, the longer your travel dollar will last, which is a win-win situation. You get to travel longer and you are still enjoying local attractions.


Free gardens are a great place to stretch your legs while on a road trip

So when on a recent road trip throughout New Zealand we stumbled upon the Hamilton Gardens in Hamilton, I was definitely interested. And I was especially interested when I found out that this gem of a garden is FREE! Had we not been on a road trip, with places we needed to get to, I could have spent hours slowly perusing this huge, elaborate garden. If I lived in the area I would definitely pack a lunch and a book and make that my local peaceful afternoon getaway.

There are many places around the garden to just sit and relax and read a good book.
Fountains and doors and walkways to hidden gardens!
There are so many beautiful pathways to stroll here.

Themed gardens give you a taste of many different countries

New Zealand is the most stunningly gorgeous country I’ve ever been to, and its beauty is almost intoxicating. But it was fun to step into many different “countries” while wandering throughout the grounds of this enormous botanical garden. For a moment you feel as if you are in Italy or China or Japan.

The Italian garden

In this garden you can pretend you staying at secluded Italian villa
The Italian garden was one of my favorites. It’s simply stunning.

The American garden

The American garden was quite interesting with a large Marilyn Monroe mosaic by a pool. It was the least pretty of all of the gardens, and as an American I felt a bit let down with the representation of American gardens.

The Indian garden

The architecture. The plants. Everything is designed to make you feel like you are in the country represented.
This beautiful blue ceiling was quite impressive

The Te Parapara Garden

The Te Parapara Garden is New Zealand’s only traditional Maori productive garden.


The English Tudor garden

This garden was definitely whimsical and fun

The Chinese Garden




The English Flower Garden



These pictures are just a small glimpse into the beautiful picturesque Hamilton Gardens. They are even prettier in person and I highly recommend a visit. Whether you are just stopping in for a quick visit to stretch your legs and take in some nature or whether you are looking for a place to spend the day picnicking and reading, either way the Hamilton Gardens are a great place to check out on your next visit to New Zealand.

Have you been to New Zealand? Did you have a chance to visit the Hamilton Gardens?