5 Reasons Why Living Abroad is So Great

Living overseas is exciting!
Living overseas is exciting!

It’s no secret that nowadays more people are choosing to live the expat life than ever before. Travel has gotten easier and become less expensive. Companies have gone global and sent their employees overseas. People have realized that they can get more for their money and live more lavishly in certain parts of the world. The list of reasons why people are choosing expat life is long. From better opportunities to better schooling to trying to satisfy their wanderlust, people are moving overseas at an ever-increasing rate.

Like many others around me, I too have fallen in love with the lifestyle of living in a country that is not my home country. And here are just a few reasons why I think that expat life is so great.

1. It’s exciting

Well, that seems pretty obvious. But you might be surprised at the number of people who actually think that living overseas is scary or intimidating. It might seem that way at first, but that’s part of what makes it exciting: the challenge of learning how to do new things!

2. It gets you out of your routine

Spending your whole life living in the same city or state you grew up can certainly be comfortable and predictable. But that can also be a problem. As humans we tend to carve familiar ruts that we constantly resort back to. When you are living overseas, however, you don’t have the option of running back to the familiar and safe when things become challenging or uncomfortable. Everything around you is new and different and it forces you to get out of your comfort zone and do new things. And getting out of your rut and routine keeps you on your toes and creates all sorts of interesting adventures that make for the best memories and stories later.

3. You meet all sorts of fascinating people

This goes hand in hand with the previous point. Because you are far away from home, you are forced to reach out and meet new people and make new friends, out of necessity. If you are going to have friends overseas, well, you have to make them. You can’t just call up your old college roommates when you want to hang out. And meeting new people keeps life interesting! There are so many amazing people with incredible stories out there. You just never know who you will meet!

4. You become a celebrity of sorts

Living overseas can be fun because everywhere you go you are different. You are unique and therefore you are interesting to everyone around you. Whether it’s your skin color or your accent or the clothes you wear, as a foreigner, people usually want to get to know you. Back home you might just blend in with the crowd, but that’s not usually the case when you are overseas. Even in countries where I haven’t stood out because of my skin color, my accent has immediately caused people to recognize me as an American and want to talk to me and ask me all sorts of random questions about America.

5. You get to learn and experience so many new things

Learning new things keeps life fun and exciting. When we stop growing and learning, life becomes dull and boring. And what better place to learn new things than in a new country? Whether it’s the language or the customs or simply learning to drive on the other side of the road, there is always something new to learn when living overseas. Even after you’ve been there for many years, you will still be learning new things up until the day you leave! And not only will you get to learn new things, but you will also get to teach new things. Australians were just as amazed to find out that giving someone a key on their 21st birthday was not something we did in the United States, as I was to find out that it was something that they did do in Australia.

So if you are considering the expat life, keep these points in mind. It really is a rewarding experience.

Are you an expat? What have you found to be the most exciting part?