Fiji's Garden of the Sleeping Giant is Worth Seeing


Nestled among the foothills of Viti Levu’s impressive Sleeping Giant, is a small, but beautifully maintained garden. If you are an orchid lover then this garden is not to be missed on your visit to the Fiji islands. According to Fiji’s tourism website, the garden boasts over 2000 varieties of orchids (although I have to say that from my visit there, that number seems a bit high to me). The garden was once the private collection of actor Raymond Burr but is now open to the public and well worth your visit.

One of my absolute FAVORITES in the garden. Can you say AMAZING? Look at the design on this orchid? It’s incredible!
Definitely a one-of-a-kind orchid!
Another incredibly unique orchid. It doesn’t even look like a flower!
So pretty!

Take a break and relax in this peaceful garden

In addition to orchids, the garden also has a lily pond, banana trees, mango trees, many different kinds of tropical flowers and plants, as well as hammocks and gazebos galore. The staff recommends approximately 30 minutes to walk through the garden, but you could easily spend more time there relaxing or enjoying an afternoon snack on the lawn. The shade trees offer a nice respite from the intense tropical sun, and there are many places to sit and enjoy a peaceful afternoon. There are even swings if you’d like to sit and swing the time away!

There are many little walkways to wander down and explore the far reaches of the garden and the lush jungle surroundings.
So many places to explore. Kids would love this place!
One of many hammocks to relax in when you need a break from the heat and humidity.
There are plenty of places to relax on the garden grounds!

Make sure to pack your own food and water

Before I went, I had been under the impression that there was a cafe on the grounds, but there is not, so be sure to pack your own water bottles and any snacks you’d like to have. They will give you a glass of fruit juice when you are finished perusing the garden, but on a hot, humid day, it’s definitely recommended to have your own beverages available. Be sure to wear sunscreen, and bring your camera as well!

In addition to beautiful flowers, you will also find unique plants and leaves. Look at the splashes of yellow on these leaves. Looks like paint drops!
You might also find a frog or two while there!
And if you are especially lucky you might even get to see a colorful parrot or two!
These will make a good snack in a few weeks!
These will make a good snack, too!
So colorful and fun!
These are SUCH a fun pop of color against the rock background they are set against!
These flowers can be found all over Fiji
Typical Fijian jungle scenes can be found throughout the gardens.
Looking out from under a vine-covered arbor in the garden.

Have you been to Fiji before? Did you visit the main island of Viti Levu and stop by the Sleeping Giant and the garden while you were there?