Sure, being an expat is great!  Getting to live in a new place, meeting new people, and tasting new cuisines are just a few of the perks of living in a foreign country. But, with the good, comes the legal document that every expatriate doesn’t particularly enjoy, but is essential to staying in your host country.

Getting the necessary permits especially is one of the things that you should do when you arrive in Italy. And if you plan on staying for a year or more, it’s best that you start the necessary paperworks as soon as possible.

To cut thru the many confusing information that you might come across; let me help you by outlining need to get and where to get it. Of course, your circumstances might be different from mine, but you will need more or less the same paper works.

Expat Documents Number 1: Permisso di Soggiorno

 The Permisso di Soggiorno or the Permit to Stay is the single most important piece of document you need in your stay in Italy.You need this piece of paper as a prerequisite to the other permits you need.

Wherever you are, you get this permit from the office you call the Questura. Go to that place and the officer will tell you what documents you will need .Be prepared to speak Italian. Or,  bring along a friend who speaks  just in case the officer on duty doesn’t speak English.

 Expat Documents Number 2: Codice Fiscale

 After you get the Permisso di Soggiorno, you want to go to the tax office to get your Codice Fiscale. The closest thing this can be compared to is your social security number. This serves as your tax number as well as your health card.

Health care is free in Italy. And this card is your ticket to the hospital or if you want to see the doctor.

Expat Documents Number 3: Carta Identita

 Carta Identita or identity card is also one of the  documents that you need to get if you plan to stay long term. You can get this in the Commune or the City Hall.

Generally , the requirements include the following: permisso di Soggiorno,  1 two by two photo;and pay a fee of less than 10 euros to the City Hall. And, depending on the line of people waiting, the whole process can take as short as ten minutes.

The carta identita used to be printed out in a flimsy piece of laminated cardboard, but they’ve gone high tech , and at present, it’s been upgraded to a plastic card.

Getting the necessary documents to stay in any country is a pain in the proverbial behind. And, I don’t know of anybody who actually enjoy getting these documents. But, if you want to stay in Italy or any country for that matter, these are the things that you need to get.