23 Brilliant Life Lessons by Anthony Bourdaine


    Antony Bourdain has lived an adventurous, globetrotting life, perhaps more than most people have lived in this world. Here are some essential life lessons to take from his travels.

    1. Character is never taught in the way skills are taught. You either have it or you don’t.
    2. If you are 22 years-old, physically able, and have the urge to learn, your prescription is to travel far and wide. Backpack and sleep on the floor. Find out about different cultures, their cooking and eating style and learn from any corner of the world you go.
    3. If you’ve made a mistake, be a man enough admit it and let life move on. Never lie about it. Do not repeat the mistake again. Ever.
    4. One of the nicest things you can do for someone is to make them breakfast.
    5. Traveling the world changes you. As you discover new places, your life makes a slight change. In return, you leave a mark behind, no matter how small. Furthermore, life traveling leaves marks on you. These memories on your heart and body can be both beautiful or painful.
    6. Sharing a meal with someone, gives you an opportunity to interact and learn a lot about them.
    7. Your body is surely not a temple but an amusement park. Make sure you enjoy the ride.
    8. Traveling doesn’t promise enlightenment, but it can promise moments of clarity. Wisdom comes in realizing how unwise and small you are and the distance you have yet to go.
    9. One does not have to agree with you to like and respect you. You do not have to agree with others to like and respect them.
    10. Delicious food, over and over again, is vital.
    11. Truth be told, there are an inverse and direct connection between recurrent social problems and family meals. Family members who diner together are less likely to birth crack babies, raid liquor stores, commit suicide, or blow up meth labs.
    12. Move, broaden your mind, and wake up from your couch.
    13. Luck can never be a business model.
    14. Drinking a warm pint in the afternoon can be awesome, even in a fake Irish pub.
    15. Never disclose the reason you quit your last job unless it’s all about ambition or money.
    16. It is rarely a good career move to have a conscious.
    17. Who you are is revealed in how you make an omelet.
    18. All the truly great meals of your life have less to do with what you ate but with whom you ate.
    19. Russians are professional drinks. Regardless of how many shots of Jell-O, Jagger or college mixers you might downed in life, never forget that any Russian can quickly drink you under your table.
    20. If you call someone “fat, syphilitic, worthless, or crap” when you are looking them in the eye, you likely mean it as a term of endearment.
    21. Success is stale without new ideas.
    22. To ever woman and man out there, basic cooking skills are a virtue. The ability to feed yourself and others is critical. It should be a fundamental skill when growing up, just the way we learn to wipe our ass, be trusted with money, or even cross the streets alone.