So you are in Rio, at the Olympics, watching the games…. and then after all the excitement and nervous of it, your country finally won the match!!! You surely will want to go celebrating this absolute happiness, but you don’t know exactly where? This blog post will help you and your friends to make the most out of the night life in Rio de Janeiro.

Banana Jack

In Ipanema, Banana Jack is a wonderful place to have some drinks with your friends and eat delicious dishes. They have banana chopp (which is similar to a small pint in Brazil), two separate environments with good music and also a fun guy dressed as a monkey walking around and interacting with people.
(Rua Jangadeiros, 06, Ipanema – Rio de Janeiro , RJ – Brasil – 22081-000.

Banana Jack
Banana Jack, via BananaJack

Mud Bug Sports Bar

A bar with a nightclub touch. This pub offers a variety of drinks, foreign beers and snacks. Some days it gets too crowded so it is nice to be prepared to arrive early.
(Rua Rodolfo Dantas, 16b – 16b, Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro , RJ – Brasil – 22020-040.


One of the best bars in Rio, is a typical carioca (those who were born in Rio) bar. Located in Leblon, it is always jam-packed. Great place to get to know people and maybe do a improvised pubcrawl since there are so many bars in the area.
(Av. Ataulfo de Paiva, 1.166 – loja B, Leblon, Rio de Janeiro.

Jobi bar and restaurant , photo by Ricardo Beliel/Brazil Photos/LightRocket via Getty Images

Lord Jim Pub

Lord Jim Pub is a traditional pub in Rio, also located in Ipanema and has a similar environment as English pubs with that smell of beer and lots of flags hanging from the ceiling. At Fridays they have double drinks and some rock music from the 80’s.
(Rua Paul Redfern, 63, Ipanema – Rio de Janeiro , RJ – Brasil – 22410-080.
Boteco Belmonte

Another traditional carioca bar, famous in Leblon and with an amazing service. Enjoy a big variety of beers and chopps with their pastéis or empadas abertas.
(Boteco Belmonte – Rua Dias Ferreira, 521.
Bar Bracarense

Elected twice by The New York Times as the best bar in the country, Bracaense bar is located in a privileged location in the city. They have an amazing treatment, delicious food and super cold beer. An environment 100% carioca.
(Rua José Linhares, 85 – Loja B, Leblon, Rio de Janeiro.

Bar Bracarense via Diogo Carvalho

Bar e Restaurante Urca

What better way to have a carioca night than going to a bar with an incredible view, eating some petiscos (snacks) and drinking a super cold chopp? Better yet, at sunset. In front of a beautiful lake. Yeah, that is Bar Urca.
(Rua Cândido Gaffrée, 205, Urca, Rio de Janeiro.

Bar da Urca, via Trilhas e Aventuras

Lapa Irish Pub

Good option for those who are in Lapa and don’t want to listen to samba. Rustic decoration and cozy environment, is one of the places in Rio that you will find Guinness to drink.
(Rua Evaristo da Veiga, 147, Centro – Rio de Janeiro , RJ – Brasil – 20031-180.

Barra Music

With 20 bars, capacity of hosting 6600 people and a carpark for 1000… Barra Music is huge! It attracts lots and lots of people during the weekends, even national and international stars. At Saturdays there a the “Festa” with amazing concerts, lasers and excited people.
(Avenida Ayrton Senna, 5850, Barra, Rio de Janeiro.

Barra Music
Barra Music, via Thiaraujo

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