If you have never heard about Natal before, I understand you, Brazil really is a huge country. However, you can not skip this city anymore if you are making planes to visit the country. All you will see now are a bunch of pictures of lagoons and beaches, because that it is what Natal looks like, and maybe this will help you make the decision on which destinations of Brazil are you going to visit.

Pitangui Lagoon

On the northeast of Brazil, is located a small state called Rio Grande do Norte and its capital is Natal. A place where you will find sun and sand everywhere, any time. People who are born there is called “Potiguar” which means “Shrimp eater” in Portuguese, so basically you can say that is a good place to spend some holiday.

If you have a rented car and are a fan of lagoons and beaches, you will see yourself in a paradise because in a week, you can fill up all of your days with this kind of activity. First of all, I will start with an amazing touristic city, Pipa. A tourist paradise, where everyone should be right now!

Pipa by Marinelson Almeida

Pipa is a small city near Natal, one hour and a half away driving, which has plenty of beautiful beaches, great small tours on little boats to watch dolphins and a young and fun nightlife.

Near Natal, in the border of Paraíba and Rio Grande do Norte, there are some astounding hills, which can be climbed and do rappel, in an area called Pedra da Boca. The amazing view and incredible hike  was really worth the “long” driving from the city. A really good day trip from Natal. It is possible to climb the Pedra da Boca on the first day and on the other day, hike around the area of the hill. There are also rock paintings there and incredible fauna and flora.

View from Pedra da Boca – Paraíba

Now, for the nearest places… While in Natal, there are some amazing beaches in a quite near distance from the city center. I am not going to talk about Ponta Negra Beach, because in my opinion, it is nothing compared to the rest of the further beaches, it is more touristic because it is located inside the capital, close to the population.

If you drive to the south, you will find a coast where is located Tabatinga beach, Cotovelo beach and also Pirangi beach. Cotovelo being the nearest one, twenty minutes away from Ponta Negra Beach. It is known for the amazing cliffs and for the delicious crabs (very popular around the region).

Five minutes away from Cotovelo there is Pirangi Beach and its amazing stones and cliffs. The water is really warm and you can also see the back of dolphins swimming near the sand, yes, is not rare at all to experience this.

Prainha/Pirangi Beach

Tabating Beach is also great and as beautiful as the others.

Natal is also full of incredible lagoons. More on the North, it is located Pitangui and Jacumã Lagoon. Where you can also find beaches with the same name (but I prefer lagoons, what about you?).

Jacumã Lagoon


It really is peaceful and an incredible place to enjoy the sun without worrying with people trying to sell you everything. Carcará Lagoon is the most beautiful one and I think is the biggest one as well. Few bars and restaurants surround it. You can also practice kayak and stand up paddle.

Alcaçuz Lagoon is really near Carcará Lagoon, as it is in the same area but Alcaçuz has this little hammocks inside the water and you can never find a better place to be more relaxed than in a hammock like this one. Perfect for the end of a long trip or just to forget about the stressful thoughts of normal life!

Alcaçuz Lagoon