With the Olympics happening from August 5th-21st in Rio, all the attention in the world will be turned to the Cidade Maravilhosa. Cidade Maravilhosa is how Rio-born Brazilians call the place. It means wonderful city and if pronounce it correctly to any Brazilian, they’ll be very happy to hear it! If you are around the city at this time of the year, go exploring in the endless neighbourhoods and amazing landscapes that Rio can provide.

Blick vom Corcovado auf Botafogo und den Zuckerhut
Rio de Janeiro seen from Corcovado, via Wikipedia

There are five main regions where your accommodation may be located: North zone, Copacabana and the south zone, the city center, the region of Lapa and Glória and finally, the region of Barra da Tijuca. Each region is filled with many things to see and do!

The North Zone

If your priority is to visit the football stadiums of Maracanã or Engenhão or visit the pavilions of samba schools, the north zone will be best for you. It is the poorer region of Rio de Janeiro, though. The major attractions are in other parts of Rio.

Maracanã Stadium in Rio, via Wikipedia

The South Zone

Most of the famous pictures and places of Rio that you’re probably familiar with are located in the south zone. There are many postcards of places such as Copacaba, Ipanema, Leblon, Sugar Loaf, the Botanic Garden and Lagoa neighbourhood. You will find the wealthy Copacabana Palace Hotel and during Olympic Games, there will be beach volleyball games, a triathlon, road cycling and an aquatic marathon.

Ipanema Beach, via Pixabay

The south zone is an astounding place of mixed nature and urbanism. Very close to the famous Christ the Redeemer, you can visit Parque Lage, an oasis of tranquillity and gorgeous nature. It’s a great place to have a picnic! In Ipanema, you can experience the famous sunset at Arpoador rock (people even cheer and applaud when it happens) with an amazing view of the ocean and Dois Irmãos hill, in Leblon.

In this area you will also find many fun and busy bars. Some good options are Jobi in Leblon, a 1956’s bar that’s famous for its food and fun atmosphere. The area of Gavea is full of bars and young people looking for cheap Caipirinhas and football games on tv, O Plebeu in Botafogo is also a good option for those who look for a local experience and social environment.

Lapa and Gloria

A famous region in Rio is the region of Lapa and Gloria. It won’t hold any games, but it’s a nice place to go out or watch some concerts at Circo Voador and Teatro Odisséia.

Lapa, via Pixabay
Escadaria Selarón
Escadaria Selarón, via Flickr

The City Center

The city center of Rio was area most revitalized for the games, highlighting its historical and cultural importance. During the games, this place is sure to be a big party, with live concerts and live feeds of events and competitions happening in other parts of the city. You can visit the Museum of Art of Rio (MAR), the Museum of Tomorrow (a new postcard you can buy lately). The place will also have public wifi and VLT for transportation, which is a type of a tram.

Museum of Tomorrow, via Wikipedia

Barra da Tijuca

Last but not least, we have the region of Barra da Tijuca, where you’ll find a number of fun activities such as swimming, basketball and judo. You will find nature, arts, shopping malls, and expensive night clubs. Finally, Barra da Tijuca has one of the most one of the most beautiful beaches in Rio, the Piranha and Barra da Tijuca Beach.

Prainha, via Trilhas e Aventuras