Many people doesn’t even know that this state in Brazil exists due to all the attention turning to Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, but if most of non-Brazilian people I know (and Brazilians too, why not, right?) come to ask me where I would recommend visiting in the country I would definitely put Minas Gerais on the list.

If you are like me and appreciates the nature more than urban parts of civilization, Minas Gerais can be a destination to get away of all the problems that you might have at the moment. It gathers countless waterfalls, beautiful mountainous regions and a special and relaxing vibe. There are some special regions that I recommend visiting, apart from the capital Belo Horizonte (not going to talk about that today). When searching for amazing destinations in Minas, you will find places like Diamantina, Ouro Preto, São Thomé das Letras, Tiradentes and National Parks such as Caraça, Canastra and Serra do Cipó. All of them are in my plan to visit soon…

The path to São Bernardo waterfall in the south of Minas, via Jonas Lomonaco

For a rustic experience, but equally special, Itajubá region is a place where infinite waterfalls gathers. I wouldn’t know the region if one of the most famous Eletrical Engineering college where located there (where my boyfriend currently study). We have so much to see around! The city is quite well located in the state because it is from a “short” distance (Brazilian standards, ok?) from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. So it is possible to go to beaches or mountain hikes in both of those states after 2 or 3 hours driving.

São Bernardo waterfall, via Jonas Lomonaco

São Bernardo waterfall catch my heart and it is a simple example of what I mean. I would have spent the whole day there if people let me. It was relaxfull, cheap to have lunch and an astounding place to renew energy. Also, something you have to know about Minas: they have the most excellent coffee and most delicious snacks and treats. If you are around here maybe you have already heard about their pão de queijo and doce de leite… It is really common to find breakfast tables like this in the state:

A typical breakfast in Minas Gerais, via Pousada Espelho D’Agua

One of the most touristy destination in Minas Gerais is called Capitólio, located in a privileged place close to Serra da Canastra. It is in the top of my list for the next trips that I’ll make. I mean, just Google it and you will know what I mean. For those who loves nature, Capitólio is a must, with lots of green areas and breathtaking landscapes.

Capitólio from above, via Guia da Semana

This wonderful region has surprising waterfalls, natural pools, mountains to hike and fascinating activities such as mountain bike, trekking and more.

Waterfall in Capitólio, via Guia Viajar Melhor, via Rafael Fernando

Minas Gerais is a giant state with countless things to explore. Today I will leave you here but I will definitely come back with more of this hided treasure of Brazil.