One of our favorite places to visit in any new city is the fresh produce market. Every city has one, or two or three. Bangkok has quite a few but none compare to the world famous Or Tok Kor Market. Not surprisingly it has been named one of the best fresh markets in the world by CNN, and the prize is well deserved.

Our Favorite Market

During our year long stay in Bangkok, Or Tor Kor was one of our most visited spots, next to Chinatown and the Terminal 21 Shopping Mall (it was close to our house, don’t judge).

We also visited lots of other markets while in the city, the Klongtey Market that is in a not so nice area, the Asok Market which is teeny weeny and hidden behind the Terminal 21 Shopping Center. We also visited some neighborhood markets that only open one day a week. But the best (and cleanest) market in all of Bangkok to eat real Thai Food and buy the nicest looking fruits and flavor the perfect Durian is the Or Tor Kor Market. The white tiled floors and airy ceilings make it cooler and breezier than other outdoor eaticng places in the city and you can walk around and eat for hours.

Or Tor Kor market

There are two eating areas in the market, full of tables and chairs for people to sit at. You can eat or drink from any of the stalls, and all of them are pretty impressive. We specially liked the crispy pork,  the Guaey Teow Pet (Noodle soup with duck), the glass noodles with shrimp, the purple sticky rice cooked in a Bamboo branch and for dessert the ripe as perfect Durian and the Sweet Sticky rice with ripe Mango.

There is a little stall hidden behind the fresh Coconut Milk seller, that sells amulets; old and new. The vender has all kinds of little amulets that you can wear as necklaces or hang from your car. I usually get stuck for a good ten minutes looking at them. Some of the items on sale are quite ancient and carry interesting stories.

Oh, The Fruit!

The greatest looking stalls are the fruit stalls; the melons in fancy boxes, the perfectly pink lychees and rambutan bundles without ants are the nicest looking goodies. The soft mangoes and fragrant jackfruit are a sight to behold. Fruit in Thailand is definitely a plus!

Or Tor Kor Market-5.jpg

Of all the fruit goodness at Or Tor Kor, there is one that stands out by a mile. King Durian, served in perfect slices on little white places. Once you’ve tasted it there you will not want to eat it anywhere else. And if you thought it was gross, then you never tasted Durian like that one. Even I, the fussy eater tried it and loved it. When our youngest started eating solids, she tried a little bit and loved it too. Our son talks would about the Durian he was going to eat every time we told him that we would going to the Or Tork Kor Market.

Our son’s other favorite snack at the Or Tor Kor Market is Moo Ping, a sweet and savoury barbecued pork on a stick delicacy that is eaten with sticky rice. He can eat three or four sticks of it and the baby likes to suck on the marinade. They both used to like making little balls of sticky rice to pop into their mouths.

Towards the back of the market there is a nice little canal, one that doesn’t smell so bad as other canals in the city. Our sones used to like watching boats going up and down the water.

Are you a traveling foodie? You cant miss Or Tor Kor Market in Bangkok!

To get to the Or Tor Kor Market you take the MRT Subway to KampaengPhet Station. Its about a twenty minute ride from the Sukhumvit Station on the corner of Asok and Sukhumvit. The station exit is right in front of the market. It doesn’t matter at what time you go, it’s always amazing; but in the mornings it has a different vibe than in the afternoons. If you are staying in Bangkok long, try going at both times to experience it differently.