When we first arrived in Thailand almost 5 years ago, we would take taxis because we weren’t very well versed in public transport. Soon after, we hardly took anymore taxis because the traffic was unbearable in them, but that´s not the point. The thing is that on the very first taxi we took, we immediately noticed a funny herby kind of smell coming from the drivers seat, turns out he was sniffing a white tube, constantly, like every minute and a half.

After many other taxis and seeing and smelling the same funny little tube, two weeks passed and we ventured to more places in Bangkok where saw more and more people with their little inhaler. Of course we had to know what all the fuss was about so we bought one in the 7-11, a Poy-Sian inhaler with Camphor and Eucalyptus and Menthol and Borneol. Turns out it was for restoring your senses when you’re tired or have a headache or feel dizzy.

menthol inhalers

Hello hangover remedy!!! Now try getting Big Kiddo to stop smelling that darn thing! He just sticks it up his nose like its going to touch his brain! Now we are used to seeing it and smelling it, but as always the Thais will surprise you…

Maybe its good for raves….”

Teen Kiddo and I were on a visa run and through the rear view mirror I saw the driver of the bus with the Poy-sian thing up his nose, just hanging there…like when you stick paper up your nose when you have a nosebleed. When I went up to the front of the bus to take the picture, he immediately took it out…I was like ” no, with the Poy-sian!” Many laughs around the front of the bus, from the Thai visa run leaders and the Filipino girls in the front seat.

Researching about the Thai Inhalers we found that its original form is really a metal container with little holes on top. It has a top that can be opened, so you can manage the amount of menthol and other herbs the inhaler has and you can refill it how you want it at the Chinese pharmacies in chinatown.

Big Kiddo and his poy sian

It has been five years since we first encountered the Thai Menthol Inhaler and my whole family is addicted to it. We have been living outside of Thailand for three years and we always manage to get some inhalers sent over to wherever we are. There are inhalers in all the bags and bedrooms of my house. We love the stuff!

The most common inhaler in Thailand is one called Poy-Sian, my personal favorite is Peppermint Fields. They are both “dual purpose” inhalers; one side is to be sniffed and the other is a little bottle full of liquid to put on insect bites, or your temples or the back of your neck.

If you have a cold, the inhalers will help clear out your nose. If you are tired, the menthol and borneol will wake you up. If you are dizzy or carsick, the inhaler really helps get back in shape.

Going to Thailand? Make sure you get these for your trip and for the rest of your travels! You will be forever changed.