Four years ago we were based in Phuket, famous Thai island paradise. Phuket is also conveniently close to Khao Sok National Park; the most awesome mountainous wonderland anyone could ever ask for. Fog, gibbons, orchids, waterfalls, rivers, crazy weird karst formations, huge stinky flowers…it´s all there. And obviously, the kids love it. Ok, maybe not as much as they love the beach, but we love the mountains so the kids just had to put up with it.

The rainforest in Khao Sok National Park is the oldest and most diverse in the entire world, yes it’s older and more diverse than the Amazon. That surprised me, especially since I’m Peruvian and there’s a little bit of Amazon in my heart. Khao Sok has made a special place in my hear now, I will never forget it now that our Thailand time is up.

Let’s go through some Khao Sok Glossary…

Karst Formations: Huge towering limestone cliffs that amaze and astound with or without fog, sometimes covered in trees, or lichen or colorfully bare. Karst formations aren’t something you can only find in Khao Sok, you can see them in Krabi and Phang Nga and even in China. They are awesome and when they come straight out of the water like in Chow Wein Lake they really are unbeatably cool.

karst khao sok photo
Photo by B℮n

Rafflesia Flower: A huge, red stinky (yes, stinky) flower that is actually a parasite of tree lianas that starts out as a dark ball and then opens up into a big scary (and beautiful) looking flower. You can only see these if you take a hike through the park and visit the most common places where they grow. They don’t grow all year round and there are less than there used to be due the classic touristic lack of respect. We never went to see them because the trek is a long one and kiddos needed more practice. But our son of course knows very well what it was. He called it “La flor que apesta” And yes, it is a standard design feature for all businesses in the area. Rafflesia flowers only grow in this area of Thailand and in another area in Malaysia. So these are pretty special.

rafflesia photo
Photo by Marta_9

Gibbons: Gibbons are an asian ape that populate the trees in Khao Sok. You can’t always see them but you can most definitely always hear their screeching calls. Unfortunately they are also used for shows and are sometimes dragged around for tourists to take photos with them. When the gibbons are adults they grow some crazy canines and have been known to bite tourists. In Phuket, there’s a Gibbon Rehabilitation Center but thankfully in Khao Sok they are a protected species.

gibbons thailand photo
Photo by breann_rn

Waterfalls (and leeches): There are waterfalls all over Thailand but Thais will always find an excuse to make any waterfall into a sightseeing, bathing, chilling out opportunity. The park has trails that go from waterfall to waterfall, some bigger and better than others. During rainy season all of them, and the trails, are full of…yes, you guessed it…leeches. Don´t worry there are ways to make sure they don´t crawl up your ankles. It involves rubbing moist tobacco all over your legs. I never had  a leech get on me in Khao Sok, but yes in Laos and it was definitely an experience I’ll never forget.

khao sok waterfall photo
Photo by SamKent22

Cheow Lan Lake and the Ratchapraba Dam: A while ago, in the 70´s a river than ran through the park was dammed to make electrical power and thus created a huge, I mean huuuge lake right at the base of a series of valleys, fields If you are in Thailand and are staying for a while, a trip here is a must. Just look it up online and you’ll see why. There are even floating hotels!

khao sok waterfall photo
Photo by SamKent22

Elephants: In Khao Sok like in a lot of other places in Southeast Asia there are Elephant camps. Those wooden chairs they put on their backs to carry tourists are really bad for them. You can visit elephants and not have to ride on one of those contraptions. Everyday the mahouts (elephant riders for life) take them walking along the road and you can see them quite easily.

elephants khao sok photo
Photo by jnhPhoto

All the other rainforest goodies: And of course Khao Sok is a jungle so there are plenty of other jungle things. It´s hot, it rains a lot, there´s mud, water, lots of plants and trees and fruit and birds and orchids. There´s lots and lots of little bugs and creepy crawlers. We love finding teeny tiny creatures all over the place, sometimes we follow them and take photos if they let us. Yes, Khao Sok is positively Buggy!

bugs khao sok photo
Photo by ovseryy
The Book (Waterfalls and Gibbon calls):
The bible of Khao Sok. Full of illustrations, history, information. Our kids love looking at it and it goes with us every single time. Buy it here!