During the years I’ve been blogging I have come across some great Family Travel Blogs, some awesome Worldschooling Blogs, and also some really interesting Multicultural Family Blogs but none have stood out to me like The Kid Trotter. Visit The Kid Trotter website.

I was hooked before they even launched their website. A lot has progressed since then and I’m really excited for them.

What is The Kid Trotter?

The Kid Trotter is a Family Travel Show like you’ve never seen before. Centered upon the experience through the eyes of a child, their adventures are fun, entertaining and a nice refreshing take on traveling family escapades.

Enya is the Kid Trotter, a seven year old girl full of wanderlust that loves discovering new places with her parents on the most original form of transportation you could think of; kick scooters! Enya´s scooter is pink and it’s pretty much the symbol of their entire project.

Dad Trotter and Mom Trotter are Irish and French respectively and have a deep relationship with travel that has already taken them around the world. If they can get the funding (which I’m sure they will); They plan to do it all over again, this time with The Kid Trotter, their kick scooters, and plenty of film equipment.

When I discovered this awesome family, what they had in terms of social media for The Kid Trotter was a Facebook page, a Twitter Profile and a trailer for what was coming up. The idea was so unique that I couldn’t help myself but reach out, and that is how we kept in touch and ultimately Crazy Little Family Adventure got the scoop on the launch of the first three episodes and the Website (which is bilingual in English and French btw).

A year later…

The Kid Trotter has now launched 10 full episodes about Vietnam and 1 episode on New Caledonia. They will soon appear on French Television, online travel sites and much more. Their novel idea has finally gotten them some recognition and Enya loves traveling more than ever.

The family has settled for a bit back home while the Dad Trotter and Mom Trotter edit new episodes with all the great footage they have from traveling to New Caledonia, Nepal, Cambodia, India and New Zealand.

There is so much more Kid Trotter to come! You really don’t want to miss it. Visit their site to sign up to get notified of new episodes and you’ll be entered in a giveaway of a micro scooter. Check out their You Tube channel too!