Oh yes it’s time to vote again here in the U.K. Less than a year after the seismic shock of the Brexit referendum we are heading to the polling booths yet again on 8 June after Theresa ‘strong and stable’ May called a snap General Election – presumably in the hope of turning Britain into a one-party state.

However, with the polls narrowing rapidly since the Prime Minister’s social care U-turn fiasco, could principled socialist and jam enthusiast Jemery Corbyn possibly defy the mass media and pull off the comeback of all political comebacks and send ‘Mainstream’ May packing to join David Cameron in his luxury shed to write her memoirs?

That’s certainly what the latest polls are suggesting, but given that they’ve been as accurate as a hot air balloon trying to land during a hurricane in recent years your guess is as good as mine.

And with the Lib Dems scrambling to recover the swathe of seats they lost just two years ago, UKIP desperate to prove they are still relevant now that Brexit is assured (at least if the Tories retain power) and the SNP posturing for another Indy Ref in Scotland, election night promises to be full of intrigue. 

Plus, given that we seemed dead set for a massive blue majority in the Commons just a few weeks ago, anything else will be a pleasant surprise (for me at least). 

With all that in mind, what better way to watch the drama unfold than at an election night party? Having attended one in 2015 I can promise plenty of banter with your fellow red, blue and yellow revellers, the challenge of pacing your drinking over an entire night and trying to survive until breakfast is served, and maybe even an interview with Norway’s biggest newspaper (yes that did happen to me, complete with dubious translation). 

Election Night (Again) at the Lexington

Scene of my 2015 exclusive with Aftenposten, the Lexington on Pentonville Road in north London is once again screening the results live on two giant screens and is promising to fuel viewers’ through the night with “food, strong coffee and even stronger drinks”.

All the details of this free event are on the Lexington blog.

Conservative Progress Election Night Watch Party

For the true blue among you, Rileys Sports Bar Haymarket near Trafalgar Square could be the place to be if the Tories secure a majority as predicted (yes, I know what I said about polls earlier).

Unlike at the Lexington, you’ll need to purchase a ticket for £30, although this does include a buffet, a couple of drinks and, of course, the ensured company of lots of like-minded supporters to cheer (or commiserate) with.

Election 2017 – The End of the World Party!

This optimistically named event is taking place at the intriguingly named Pepper’s Ghost Pub in Leyton. For £15 you get a burger, a drink and the promise of split-screen coverage from two different news outlets – presumably so there can be no accusations of “BBC bias”.

All the details are over on The Facebook.

P.S. Don’t forget to book 9 June off work.

Photo by Nick J Webb