Long before my journey as an Expat began – I dreamt of traveling the world. I dreamt of going places I’ve seen on my Encyclopedia. I dreamt of breathing the same air locals do and taste their food, cooked the way it should be.

It is true that the Expat lifestyle and traveling are two different things. But I believe that if it was not for my “thirst” to travel the world – I wouldn’t have taken the step forward to accept the opportunity to work abroad when it came. And eventually, take the plunge to become an Expat and relocate away from my home country.

In every big decision in life, we have the trigger leading us to it. And for me, I believe it was the first traveling experience in a famous beach in my home country called Boracay that started things for me. Boracay is widely famous for their bustling nightlife, especially during the peak days of summer. Locals and tourists LOVE this place for this, which is quite obvious since it is filled with “party-loving” people during this period.

Powdery white sand. Photo via Grab a Ticket Buy a Bite

Apart from that, the powdery white sand and crystal clear waters should not be missed. I am not a party animal so to me, this is the main attraction when visiting this place. So a nice walk along the shore during the day, a playful dip in the water during sunrise, or a relaxing outdoor massage is enough to make this trip worthwhile. Of course, fun activities to enjoy (especially if traveling in a group) shouldn’t be missed. And when in Boracay, there are a lot of these things to choose from both in land and sea.

Experiencing the powdery white sand personally. Photo via Grab a Ticket Buy a Bite

Boracay gave me a lot of firsts. It was my first air travel experience and the first trip I fully financed myself. And these “firsts” made me realize how much more I want to experience it. I became fully aware how good it felt to truly experience a place rather than appreciate it only through photos. And at that moment, I knew I want my dream of traveling to become a reality.

I wish I can always have days like these. Photo via Grab a Ticket Buy a Bite

It is true that traveling as much as I want to is NOT always possible. Even now that I am an Expat, there are days I wish I can travel but can’t due to a lot of factors. However, I believe that the decision to become an Expat and work abroad gave me more traveling opportunities. Of course, I will never know whether I am right or wrong at this point. But whenever I go back to memory lane and reflect, I always conclude that being an Expat allowed me to visit more places in my lifetime so far.

Boracay will always be my first. And in a funny way, it seemed I always find my way back to this place when I am about to embark on a new phase in my life. Apart from serving as my eye-opener before making the decision to be an Expat, I came back to Boracay years later after I got married. I may have traveled to a lot more destinations after this but Boracay will always be my first. And there is no other traveling experience that can replace that.