My husband always tells me Dublin has become a famous tourist destination, especially during the better days of spring and summer. He told me it was not a common sight when he first set his foot in Dublin roughly 10 years ago. But now, we can expect the surge of tourists roaming around the city center every year!

temple bar
Grab and go – Temple Bar open market. Photo via Flickr.

It is great to see Dublin becoming a lot popular to tourists. Apart from promoting diversity and cultural tolerance in Ireland, we can also expect to see new businesses such as cafes and restaurants opening to cater for the demand!

As a food lover, I will never complain about it. In fact, I always get excited when I walk around the city center to find a newly opened café or restaurant!

So if you are planning to go to Dublin any time soon, here are a few suggestions where to grab a bite. Listed here are some of the best places (in my opinion) to eat and reasonably priced, too!

Bread and Bones

Duck in soft bun. Photo via Grab a Ticket, Buy a Bite
Duck in soft bun. Photo via Grab a Ticket, Buy a Bite

Bread and Bones is a quirky representation of Asian food (primarily Vietnamese and Korean). Just think about the classics like a nice bowl of pho, soft bao, or spicy kimchi but infused with Western food (kimchi fries, anyone?).

For more information such as sample menu and opening hours, visit Bread and Bones’ official website:

Bison Bar

Who doesn’t love tucking your teeth in grilled meat especially when the weather is warm and sunny? In particular, if you enjoy drinking a nice cold pint of beer, feasting on smoked-flavored meat to accompany the drink is definitely a great way to get rid of hunger pangs!

Bison Bar is our favorite BBQ spot in Dublin – we just love the simplicity of their menu! The portions are huge so if you are not feeling ravenous on that day, it is recommended to order the combo platter instead and share.

For more information such as sample menu and opening hours, visit Bison Bar’s official website:


Battered scampi with chips. Photo via Grab a Ticket, Buy a Bite

Fish and chips are a classic in the UK and Ireland. In fact, it is one of the first food items I ate after arriving here. And every time we have somebody visiting us, we always make sure to include a fish and chips meal as part of the “food experience” while in Dublin, too!

Catch-22 is a nice and trendy place to have fish and chips. Sure, you can order fish and chips from almost every pub around the city center but those who’s rather have something “different” to eat with chips (their mussel pot is to-die-for!), will definitely appreciate Catch-22 more.

For more information on the menu and opening hours, visit Catch-22’s official website:


Best Mexican joint (for me). Photo via Flickr.

Mexican food always comes to mind if I am craving to eat out and don’t want to splurge too much. It is tasty, comforting, and usually cheap – regardless where you buy it from. We have tried quite a few Mexican food joints around Dublin city center but to me, Boojum is still the best! Just think of tucking in the tasty Mexican food classics such as carnitas and have it your way either in a burrito, taco, burrito bowl or the (healthier) salad bowl! And if you are not a big eater (like me), one order is good enough to share between two people, too.

For more information such as sample menu and opening hours, visit Boojum’s website: