Singapore was my first Expat country. This is the country where I “awakened” my senses over the advantages being an Expat brings. And it definitely made me realize of the things my native country “unfortunately” lacks.

By fad3away. [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Stunning view of the Marina Bay Sands and the Merlion. By fad3away. [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Despite only staying for a year in Singapore, there are a lot of things about it that makes me miss it badly. Apart from the short and cheap flights to go home to my home country, there are a lot more reasons why I can’t help but think of Singapore. And if you have been an Expat in Singapore like me, maybe you can relate to these reasons, too!

Street Food!

A typical place to eat in Singapore. Photo via Flickr.
A typical place to eat in Singapore. Photo via Flickr.

Lucky for me, there are a lot of Asian restaurants in Ireland serving authentic Asian cuisine. Of course, there are some dishes that I haven’t eaten in years (that I miss!) but at least I get access to popular Asian food choices over here. However, I don’t think that in the years of my residence here (or anytime in the future), I will experience the “street food” culture I experienced in Singapore (or in most Asian countries, for that matter).

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Writing this brings me back to the days when I walk around the streets of Singapore to stop and buy “wafer ice cream”. Or, to buy some deep fried squid from the Old ChangKee stall as a quick snack while strolling around. Or, buying some Teh Tarik or Kopi-C to take away placed in a plastic bag container so I can have it to go!

Superb cleanliness

A common pun when talking about Singapore is that it is endearingly called the “fine country”. Not that it is not fine in the nicer meaning of the word, but this pun was made because of the huge fines you can get if you violated their laws – littering included!

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Other countries can make fun of this strict implementation of laws in Singapore. But for me, I admire this country in the way they take their laws seriously. Countless times when I travel I feel disappointed to go to a famous tourist attraction and see trash around the area. In Singapore, everything is clean – heck, I feel even their bin is clean!

The safest country (so far) I’ve been to

I have lived in three countries so far and I can say that Singapore is the place I felt safest. There were countless of times I had to go home very early in the morning (around 3 AM) due to work or from hanging out with friends but I never felt that my safety was compromised.

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While walking the streets, I don’t see drunken people roaming around and the streets were well-lit. I never heard anybody telling me, “Don’t walk the streets alone at that hour!” – Unlike my Aussie housemate’s reaction the next day I told her I walked alone from the train station to our house the night before.

Missing my friends (of course)!

A lot of them are still in Singapore! Photo via Facebook
A lot of them are still in Singapore! Photo via Facebook

I still have a lot of friends living in Singapore. Some of them have acquired citizenships or at least, got the permanent residency status. Singapore may have been the country where I lived the shortest but my memories with these people are the greatest! And it definitely adds up to the reason why I am missing Singapore a lot more.