Relocating to a new country can be daunting. You are literally moving out from your comfort zone and have to adjust your life according to your new community. It would’ve been a little bit easier if you are the only one who relocated. However, for some Expats who relocated with a new family, there is an addition of making sure everybody in your household eventually becomes comfortable with the change. Especially for families with kids, you have to put your children into consideration, too. You need to ensure that apart from finding a good school or care arrangement (whichever is applicable), it would be handy to find places where you can spend an enjoyable weekend as a family!

playing children
By D. Sharon Pruitt from Hill Air Force Base, Utah, USA CC By 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Good thing in Dublin, there are a number of kid-friendly sites you can visit as a family. And if you are a new family in Dublin, here are some attractions you and your kids will surely love!


One of the many things to do inside Imaginosity!

Imaginosity is rightfully dubbed as Dublin’s Children Museum. There are a lot of interactive and creative items on display. And yes, touching and playing with these are highly encouraged, too! Booking in advance is recommended as it can be super busy especially on weekends.

Apart from the default creative play area suitable for kids of various age ranges, Imaginosity also has a published calendar of events you can check out. Simply visit their website and check what they have on the date you want to visit to have a look whether they have an activity your child may want (or old enough) to participate in.

For more information on opening hours and ticket prices, visit Imaginosity’s official website here:

Dublin Zoo

I don’t think there is a major city in the world where there is no zoo! And for new families in Dublin, it is highly recommended to drop by Dublin Zoo, too! Apart from showing (and teaching) your kids about the various animals on display, there are a lot of play spots scattered around the premises that will allow your kids to play and interact with other children visiting the zoo that day, too!

The great thing about the zoo is there is no time-limit on the hours you spend inside. The footpath is spacious for visitors visiting with a pram. So your child can take a nap inside while you take a bite in one of their cafes/restaurants inside the zoo, too.

For more information on opening hours and ticket prices, visit Dublin Zoo’s official website here:

Malahide Castle

malahide castle
The Malahide Castle. Photo via Flickr

Malahide Castle is one of the famous tourist attractions in Dublin. Apart from tracing the family history of the Talbot family as far back as 1175, it is also a famous spot for families with young children. Why wouldn’t it? Within the premises lies a HUGE playground with lots of activities they can enjoy. In addition to that, those visiting with bigger kids can use the designated cycling lanes to ride a bike, scooter, or use rollerblades, too! And well, parents to small children will agree that sometimes, kids only need a huge, vacant space to run around – and the castle gardens have a lot of that!

For more information on opening hours and ticket prices (if taking any of the tours), visit Malahide Castle’s official website here: