St. Patrick’s Day (or endearingly dubbed as Paddy’s Day), is a big event in Ireland. Apart from being a national public holiday in Ireland, celebrating the death of St. Patrick every March 17 is an important cultural and religious festival over here. So if the Irish lads and lass give utmost importance to this event, why not consider visiting Dublin on Paddy’s Day?

paddys day
Happy Paddy’s Day!

Sure, the streets will be packed with people. Sure, it is a very busy time of the year. You may more likely need to pre-book everything as the competition for famous attractions like Guinness Storehouse will be fierce. But despite all the “inconveniences”, I’d say that celebrating Paddy’s Day in Dublin should be included on your must-do list at least once in your lifetime!

If you are thinking of visiting Dublin during Paddy’s Day, here are just some of the things to look forward to!

Watch the St. Patrick’s Day parade

paddy's day parade
An annual event on Paddy’s Day: The parade! Photo via Flickr

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade is a major event on Paddy’s Day. Just envision elaborate and colorful costumes and floats, well-executed street dancers’ choreography, and various organizations (local and international) participating in this big parade at Dublin’s city center.

As a tourist, you should never miss this! The parade is an institution in itself that locals look forward to catching a glimpse of – rain or shine! Because of the huge popularity of the parade, make sure to be at the venue where the parade will pass by at 11 AM – LATEST. The parade will not pass by not until 12 PM but if you want to reserve a nice spot so you can see the action, then it is a must to be there early!

The parade is free, except if you want to buy “grandstand tickets” for guaranteed seats and ultimate viewing vantage point! For more information about the parade, such as the route map, visit the official website here:

An excuse to wear, eat, or drink anything GREEN

paddy's day
“Do I look good?” Photo via Flickr

Have you ever tasted a green smoothie at KFC? Or, maybe, painted your hair green “just because”? Or, wore something green from head to toe while walking around Dublin? These are just some of the few “green” things to look forward to on the days leading up to Paddy’s Day and on the actual day itself!

So if you are a tourist traveling to Dublin during Paddy’s Day, don’t be a “sore thumb” – get something bright and green to wear, too! If you don’t have anything “Irish Green” inside your wardrobe, there are lots of cheap shops selling clover leaf adorned socks, quirky green headbands, or hats so you can celebrate as the locals do!

Party rock!!! Get drunk and parteeey at Temple Bar (or any part of the city)

paddy's day
Just another day in the streets of Dublin. Photo via Flickr

I think this is the most important part of the Paddy’s Day celebration. In fact, there are some locals who get started super early, especially around the Temple Bar area. So, don’t be surprised to see some already drunken people sashaying around the streets of Dublin on this day even before the parade started!

If you don’t want to deal with all the noise and ruckus, then you might be better off avoiding the Temple Bar area. You may still grab a pint and have a few laughs with the locals on other pubs around the city center. This will allow you to still feel the Paddy’s Day vibe – a little toned down version, though.