After a year of travel hiatus, we recently enjoyed a 2-week holiday in Seoul, South Korea! Apart from a much-awaited trip, I consider this as a “mini reunion”. My family (parents and siblings), as well as my sister-in-law, joined the trip. And despite knowing that the reunion was short-lived – it was all worth to spend quality time with each other after such a long time!

gyeongbokgung palace
Hihihi. The naughty smile that says it all! Photo via Facebook

Traveling with a small child is no easy task. That’s why prior the trip, I “tried” my best to prepare for it but there were still some small hiccups along the way. So, if you are parents to little kids and planning a trip to go to Seoul anytime soon, here are some of my honest “key pointers” to remember!

There are LOTS of kid-friendly places to take your child!

One of the many play areas inside i-Play in Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Photo via Grab a Ticket Buy a Bite.

My son is active and LOVES playtime. Now that he is over three years old, he has gotten a lot more articulate to convey his needs and wants. As a matter of fact, he has become quite a “negotiator” when it comes to trying to get what he wants – especially when trying to take over our itinerary for the day!

One of the things I love about Seoul is that there are loads of places to take your small child to play! We are lucky we stayed in Seoul for 2 weeks – so it was easier for us to plan our days where our son can play in the morning and then, wait for his naptime so we can visit touristy places.

To pick up ideas where to take your child to play and interact with kids, visit Grab a Ticket Buy a Bite for details!

Pram access can be difficult

bukchon hanok village
A walk turned to a hike with a pram! Photo via Facebook

On our first day in Seoul, we went to Bukchon Hanok traditional village. We were still jetlagged but thought a nice leisure stroll would be nice instead of spending indoors in our Airbnb apartment. Well, let’s just say that our “leisure walk” suddenly became a hiking challenge we were not prepared to do in no time!

We were so surprised to learn that Seoul is a very hilly city – with some very, very steep roads. Pushing a pram with a 3-year old toddler inside is no easy feat (or, it could be that we just needed to work out?). Apart from that, there were some broken pavements that added up to the challenge when it comes to “walking around”!

When it comes to public transportation, note that there are some without wheelchair access (both for buses and trains). We learned this the hard way en route to Myeongdong where we had to change platforms at Chungmuro station. Our son was sleeping inside the pram when we were forced to change plans and go back because the only way to go to our platform was to wake him up. There was no lift to change platforms and the only option was to use the escalator. We decided to abort our Myeongdong plans for the day instead of waking him since he just dozed off after a HUGE tantrum!

South Koreans (especially the elderly) LOVES kids!

I was so surprised how endearing South Koreans are with kids! Not a single day went by without somebody saying hi or giving my son treats while we were inside a lift or waiting to cross the street. Unfortunately, we don’t speak Korean. And there were days, we somehow feel bad especially if the person seemed eager to communicate with us.

Luckily, my son LOVED the attention and doesn’t think twice to return the affection! Despite not being able to communicate thru words – he would often wave his hand, raise his two thumbs up (for approval), or blow kisses that delight the elderly a lot more!