Spring is not my favorite time of the year. Temperatures don’t plummet similar to winter but I think this is the wettest time of the year. And despite living here for almost five years already and stocking my wardrobe with the “wet essentials” – let’s just say that some things don’t change. I still prefer to stay dry and warm!

spring outdoor market
Outdoor market. Photo via Flickr

Despite that, it is difficult to snub spring altogether – there are a lot of fantastic things to be happy about it (hay fever aside!). So with the arrival of spring, here are just some of the top reasons why you need to step out. Just make sure to check the weather forecast and plan your outdoor gear in advance!

See flowers in bloom!

spring flowers

Nothing beats the announcement of spring with the arrival of flowers. Just by simply walking around the city center is enough to catch a glimpse of these colorful potted spring flowers! And personally, I find that the best thing about seeing colorful flowers after months of gray and plummeting temperatures enough to warm the coldest hearts.

But you don’t have to settle for the potted flowers on display outside the establishment windows only. There are a lot of famous attractions just within Dublin city center that will showcase more of these amazing beauties within park premises. St. Stephen’s Green is the top choice for this. Entrance to the park is free. So there’s no need to rush walking around the HUGE 9 hectare and 22-acre park when you visit!

In addition to St. Stephen’s Green, the National Botanic Gardens is another top choice to see spring flowers in bloom. It takes a little bit more effort to get to the gardens but the magnificent collection of flora will make the trip worth it!

For more information on St. Stephen’s Green Park and National Botanic Gardens, visit their respective websites below:



Appreciate the Dublin Dance Festival

dublin dance festival
Dancing around the Grand Canal Dock. Photo via Flickr

The arrival of the warm-ish weather definitely makes people a lot more active. Especially as days start to get longer and brighter, it is as if nature is inviting everybody to stand up and move around – dancing included!

The Dublin Dance Festival is Ireland’s annual event of bringing together talented dancers and choreographers from all over the world. For 2017, the festival will run from 18-28 of May and will feature some of the most energetic contemporary choreographers. Names such as Chris Haring, Emmanuel Gat, and Mithkal Alzghair are just a few of the acts to watch out for this year!

For ticket prices and information on the dance troupe to watch out for, visit their official website: http://www.dublindancefestival.ie/.

Be fit and healthy! Join the Great Ireland run

dublin marathon
Outdoor running for your fitness! Photo via Flickr

One of the activities I personally enjoy when the temperature gets warmer is outdoor running. Apart from the health benefits, it is nice to catch some fresh air after spending the weekdays indoor at work. Not to mention that the cool spring breeze against the warm sun really feels nice against the skin – vitamin D from the natural source, FTW!

Now, for the hardcore runners out there, the Great Ireland run might be the best spring activity for you! Located at the Phoenix Park, participating adults can choose between 5 or 10k – depends on which level of challenge you want to get yourself into. And for the little ones, there’s also the mini and junior runs suitable from 3-15 years of age!

For fees and additional information about this year’s great run, visit the official website: http://www.greatrun.org/great-ireland-run