I have a confession to make: I didn’t want to relocate to Ireland at first. You see, before my “big move” to the Emerald Isle, I was sitting pretty and loving the culture the Land Down Under has to offer. I loved the trendy café culture (and still do), the ethnic diversity (lots of Asians around!), my career was progressing quite well, and of course, Australia is warmer than Ireland. And, I’ll add up to the equation that the flight to my home country is only 10-hours long in comparison to the16-hour (or more) flight that I have to endure now.

There's more to Ireland than Paddy's Day!
There’s more to Ireland than Paddy’s Day!

I may have my apprehension about Ireland initially, but I realized that the decision to relocate wasn’t so bad. Sure, summer over here is still pretty crappy (it is grey clouds as I type this entry) but these inconveniences are just a small price to pay to satisfy the itching travel bug within me. So in the end, I realized that relocating to Ireland was the best thing to do, and these are the reasons why:

A one-hour flight brings me to a different country

Where to go next?
Where to go next?

Australia is HUGE. A flight from Melbourne to Brisbane is about 3.5 hours – and you are still on the same continent! Growing up, I already have this huge urge to travel to visit famous landmarks and for whatever reason, Europe has this soft spot for me. I remembered dreaming of walking on cobblestones (that I hate now) and trying authentic dishes from the country I visit. In effect, I believe I’d still end up traveling to Europe regardless of where I live and the convenience of having access to all these countries (Italy, France, Spain, UK etc) while living in Ireland makes the cold and rainy summer, oh so worthwhile!

I don’t need to spend a fortune to book my flight for the next getaway

A budget traveler's friend in Europe: Ryanair. Photo via Flickr.
A budget traveler’s friend in Europe: Ryanair. Photo via Flickr.

Traveling from Ireland to another country can be cheap – just wait for a good deal with flights or to book from a budget airline! If I was in Australia, I don’t think I can ever get a roundtrip flight to Italy for less than a €100.

I have the access to authentic yummy dishes within arm’s reach

I lived in Melbourne while I was in Australia and I can tell you that these people take their food seriously – it is considered as the food capital of Australia after all! While I was in Melbourne, it was the time expanded my knowledge when it comes to food and was blessed enough to be able to indulge in this yummy goodness. Asian, Italian, French, Gastronomic, Fusion – they have these cuisines there and more! While I don’t have complaints about the quality of the food I sampled in Australia, tasting and eating it from the place where it originated to has a certain appeal that’s hard to miss.

I use a single currency – except for British Pounds!

Looks familiar?
Looks familiar?

It feels so great to never worry about finding a money changer when traveling abroad. With the exception of the UK, all European countries use the Euro so I never have to worry about making sure I have money to pay the cab from the airport or buying a snack to get rid of hunger pangs. Not to mention never thinking of the “what-to-do-with-these-leftover-coins” question after the trip! I am never a cashless traveler so to get rid of this is a huge plus for me!