We all know the Irish lass and lads will find all the possible reasons to celebrate and get drunk. And with the Oktoberfest celebrations fast approaching, it seems like festivities like these are only worth visiting if you enjoy a pint of cold beer – NOT! In fact, I am not a beer drinker myself but since relocating here, I look forward to the Oktoberfest celebrations every-single-year.

The Oktoberfest celebrations for 2016 in Dublin started yesterday, 15 of September and will end on 18 October. The 18-day celebration will be held at the George’s Dock in IFSC Docklands – exactly the same location as the previous years. Apart from the fact that the site is just a 10-minute walk away from where we live, I really like having big events like these in George’s Dock because it is easily accessible via the Luas or train!

People queueing to grab a pint at George's Dock. Photo via Flickr.
People queuing to grab a pint at George’s Dock. Photo via Flickr.

So in case you are not a beer drinker (like me) but would like to join the Oktoberfest celebrations – fear not! There are A LOT for you to see and do and you will not feel obliged to buy a pint to join in the fun!

It is a family-friendly event during the day

Oktoberfest is not just about adults getting drunk – it can be a great family activity to spend the day with your little ones, too! Throughout the 18-day celebration, a number of kid-friendly events also take place in the area in case Dad and Mom want to join the fun but can’t find anybody to leave the kids behind. A kiddie Merry-go-Round and Ferris wheel, as well as food stalls selling lollies, chocolate fondue, chips, and pretzels to keep little ones from getting hungry, are also available around the area.

Kids are allowed within the “alcohol selling area” but only until 5 or 6 PM. Plan to arrive early as security will no longer allow you to enter the barricaded venue if arriving with your kids around this time. Apart from your kids’ safety, the kiddie rides also close around that time so there is nothing for your little ones to do in the evening.

Check out the outdoor market for some German grub

Mmm, yum! Photo via Flickr.
Mmm, yum! Photo via Flickr.

As I mentioned, I am not a beer drinker and the only reason I look forward to Oktoberfest is the chance to eat some charcoal-grilled bratwurst! I don’t know about you but these juicy (and fatty) charcoal-grilled German sausages paired up with your choice of condiment are to-die-for and great accompaniment to an ice-cold drink. Add up the fact that these grilled sausages are only available here (no joke) during festivities like Oktoberfest or Christmas ONLY.

Of course, sausages are not the only food available around the area during Oktoberfest. There are other German food items to sample such as pretzels, German meatloaf, steak and burger German-style, mini donuts, and sauerkraut – just to name a few! It is the perfect place for a foodie like me to get a little taste of Germany while in Dublin!

Put on your dancing shoes to join traditional German folk dancing

Put on the dancing shoes. Photo via Flickr.
Put on the dancing shoes. Photo via Flickr.

Festivities like these will never be complete without dancing! And during Oktoberfest celebrations in Dublin, the night will be filled with music all thanks to a live band playing within the premises. Apart from singing danceable tunes, a couple of German folk songs will be sung that the almost drunk crowd can sing along with. Don’t worry if you don’t know any of the lyrics, though. I am pretty sure most of the people around you wouldn’t even remember if you were blabbering nonsense or missed a tune!

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Are you living in Dublin, Ireland or visiting here during the Oktoberfest season? Then check out the official website for more details to make sure you don’t miss out on this year’s Oktoberfest celebrations.