I was never the type of girl who will go packing to the nearest beach once summer arrives. In fact, I never really cared that much about summer or appreciated it enough not until I relocated in Ireland a couple of years ago. Being somebody who grew up in a hot and humid tropical country, I initially found it weird how come Irish people loves to soak their bodies under direct sunlight, spend hours outside drinking beer until their skin burned, talk nonstop about how lovely the weather is, and just be really festive once summer arrives!

St Stephen's Green Dublin
A typical scene at St. Stephen’s Green during summer. © Copyright Robert Ashby and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

Fast forward to today, I can say that I get it, I really do. I am now one of those who’d spend the entire day outdoors (if I can) or find an excuse to go out so my skin can taste the glorious summer sunshine. It is funny when I think of how relocating changed me. And how the short period of time I lived here is enough to make me ditch the umbrella I used to carry with me in exchange of sunnies and sunscreen.

I may not speak on behalf of the locals living here, but at least, to me, these are some of the things I’d definitely miss when summer’s officially over!

Cocktails and “two-for-one” drink deals

Refreshing! A two-for-one mojito. Photo via personal Facebook page.
Refreshing! A two-for-one mojito. Photo via personal Facebook page.

Cocktail deals are EVERYWHERE during the summer season. Just walk around the city center or check out local pubs and it is easy to spot two-for-one deals on these refreshing drinks. Apart from the mojito or frozen margarita, some pubs would even make their signature cocktail just to get into the joyous summer season. And I don’t know about you, but the words “cocktail” and “two-for-one” combined in a single sentence is enough for me to be thankful for!

Enjoying a frozen dessert without freezing!

I love a nice cup of gelato or frozen lolly but not during the freezing days of winter. A couple of years ago during winter, I badly craved for some gelato and bought a small cup to eat while walking outdoors. Learned the hard way it is hard to eat with winter gloves on or to even enjoy it when every inch of your body is already shivering from the chilly gust of wind.

A chance to dress light

I am a bit biased with summer fashion simply because it is so comfortable, light, and effortless. Don’t get me wrong – I also love dressing up during winter. But there are times when I wish I have more days that it is humanly possible for me to step outside wearing only flip-flops, shorts, or tank tops instead of piling up the layers and spend a good 10 minutes to prepare myself and my son (if he’s tagging along).

The “official” summer days are just too darn short!

Shorts and t-shirt galore while outdoors! Photo via personal Facebook page.
Shorts and t-shirt galore while outdoors! Photo via personal Facebook page.

Living in a country with four seasons in a year is definitely a one-of-a-kind experience. If you do the math and divide the 12 months to 4, ideally, each season will give you 3 months – ideally. It may seem like a reasonable timeframe to experience and enjoy the unique experience each season brings but for the Irish summer where the Spring-Summer or Summer-Autumn seemingly overlapping each other, I’d say that the official summer is just about two months – if you’re lucky. And that period is just too short for a girl like me who has about 232,142,432,553,443,634 summer-related clothing inside her wardrobe, waiting for a chance to be put to use!