When my son turned three this year, we decided to start with his potty training at home. I knew that our Seoul trip will happen April this year so I intentionally left out the “potty training for outdoors” agenda. I thought to myself: “I’d be happy to keep him in his nappies when outdoors and just get him started only at home. And then after our trip, that’s the time I would introduce potty training for when outdoors.” Well, let’s say that my son had “better” ideas – he also decided to STOP doing his business in his nappies even outdoors! So, my husband and I braced ourselves for the additional challenge of a 16-hour trip with a (potty training) toddler!

Here we go! Photo via Facebook
Here we go! Photo via Facebook

Our trip to Seoul recently ended. We experienced a few hiccups along the way – such as my son asking to do number 2 with only 10 minutes to spare before landing, but I think this list helped us A LOT to have a not-so-scary flight with a potty training toddler.

Bring a portable potty seat

Would've been great - but too bulky! Photo via Flickr.
Would’ve been great – but too bulky! Photo via Flickr.

Our son uses a toddler toilet seat with steps at home. And because we knew we can’t bring the entire thing whilst traveling, we bought a portable toddler toilet seat. It is small enough to fit inside a backpack and sturdy enough to keep him stable while sitting on it in a normal-sized toilet.

An additional tip for fellow parents with kids who require a “transition phase” for new things – do a trial run prior the trip. In our case, we used the portable potty seat a few times around the house so my son gets familiar with it. We also used it when out during weekends so he can start associating the portable potty as something he needs to use when “not at home”.

“Try” to keep his/her toilet use on schedule

"Do you need to wee? Poop?" Photo via Flickr
“Do you need to wee? Poop?” Photo via Flickr

This is a bit difficult but helped a lot as a guide. At home, my son had no issues telling us when he needs to go to the toilet. But while we were on the flight, he tried to “keep it in” since he didn’t like the toilet – I think he was a bit scared especially when there’s a minor turbulence.

So even if my son would tell us when asked “no”, keeping track of the time helped us a lot. We tried to remember how many hours since the last time he used the toilet for a wee and around what time he normally does number 2 if at home. And around 90% of the time – we were right he needed to go! He was just trying not to since he didn’t like it!

Do not risk putting on cotton briefs – use a pull-up instead!

Just after a month of potty training him at home (for both numbers 1 and 2), he didn’t have any more “accidents”. We only put him on pull-ups when he goes to sleep and he even wakes up dry sometimes, too. However, when we go outdoors – we still put him on pull-ups as a precaution. And we did the same thing during our flight to avoid any hassle – you know, just in case!